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Thread: Anal... without a condom??

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    Default Anal... without a condom??

    My boyfriend loves the idea of anal sex. It turns him on which in turn, turns me on. We've tried it 2 times and each time was successful. We used lots of lube and he went really slow and made me feel comfortable. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed it! So my question is, is it safe to have anal sex without a condom if it is with an exclusive partner? I am well aware that we should never have vaginal sex after anal without cleaning. But everything I read about anal says to always use a condom... but I don't want to! Is it unsafe??

    Also, is too much anal unsafe? I've heard of guys who have to wear pads because their anus can't hold "stuff" in anymore. What are the potential risks??

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    We've never used a condom for anal and have never had any problems.

    How much is too much? Probably depends on the individual. I've never had issues.

    I'm betting the men who can no longer 'hold' things in are doing other activities besides anal sex, like anal stretching, etc.
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    More likely a risk to him for a UTI. Unless you are doing a lot of anal using large dildos or fisting it isn't likely to cause a problem. I did some reading on this some time back and concluded that the people reporting all sorts of possible problems generally were not into anal, while couples who had actually chosen anal over vaginal sex as a regular practice reported no such problems.
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    He can get a uti, as WC mentions. No matter how clean you are, he will run a risk of a uti by entering you anally without a condom. The same risks that you would have going from anal to vag... he will have going in in urethra.
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    I agree there is a risk for him to get a UTI, but for us women as long as we do not have vagianl sex without him cleaning I do not see a problem. I actually enjoy when he cums in my it feels good. I agree with the above it sometimes does activate my bowels as if I had a enema. In regards to to much as long as it is gentle and he is not fisting you or using something larger that a penis you should be good.

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    Anal is amazing. Make sure you're very clean and go for it. More girls should try this with a guy they trust. And lots of lube and slow is the way to go. Feels even better when he doesnt wear a condom.

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