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Thread: Short Orgasms

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    Default Short Orgasms

    Is there anything I can try to make orgasms last longer? I usually only orgasm when fingered but they are over in a few seconds, it's like one wave and that's it

    Also, after my orgasm, I'm done lol. I automatically want to sleep. I don't know how people keep going round after round!

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    I once had a girlfriend with the same needs. The key was very long foreplay, lots of practising and not letting her orgasm when she wanted to. Basically, I gave her a lot of full-body massages and when she was about to finish I slowed down gently then started to concentrate on other parts of her body then back to business. It was to build up a lot of tension. That tension helps to create a longer and bigger orgasm.
    Of course, it takes time so practice is your friend. Moreover, it's a h**ll of a game once you learn how to play it. It does not necessarily need massages but it helps the case in the beginning.
    I don't know whether it will help you have multiples but you will definitely fall asleep after a successful session. My motto is that if you can't help it you might as well use it as an advantage.

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    What do you mean by "a few seconds?" 5? 10? 30?

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    One thing you can learn is to continue the stimulation(s) that produced the orgasm, even if at first you think you're much too sensitive to take any more.
    Over time, you may be able to learn to put up with that "too sensitive" feeling, work through that, and enjoy continuing, which can lead to VERY long orgasms, and/or multiple orgasms in quick succession.

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