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    Default female exhibitionism

    I read the post below at a different website. I'm wondering if it is true.

    Exhibitionism is a harsh term that implies one has a mental disorder. However, most females are not suffering some vague mental illness that must be cured. We ladies who enjoy going casually nude in front of males are being sexy, that's true, but nudity itself is not sex, nor is it a product of mental abnormality.

    Undressing, or being already undressed, in front of guys is a fine art. The trick is doing it without being obvious that you're aware of being watched. Flirting and showing off is one thing. Being quietly nude with males 'secretly' watching is an entirely different experience, and it can be a breathtaking adventure for a girl.

    However, it's important to know where and when to do something like that. Make sure you know something about your chosen audience. And never ever let them know you were cognizant of them watching you.

    My husband is fully aware of what I do, and sometimes he even helps set things up for me. He loves me, he understands my needs, and he does not feel threatened by the idea of other men seeing me naked. If you love going nude in front of men, make sure you marry a guy who aims to please your sexual drive. And that's what it is -- a sexual drive that lives independent of 'regular' sex.

    Avoid the temptation to have sex with the guys who see you naked. Don't confuse or blend one urge with another. It's a mind game we gals play. It's gratifying, it's fun, and it's your responsiblity to keep things from getting out of control. Just keep them thinking they've 'caught' you undressed without you knowing it, and they will stay put. That way, there's no contact to tempt you into doing something sexual with them.

    If circumstances permit, you can prance naked in front of guys right in the same room with you, with them fully aware that you know they can see you. The idea is to behave casually about your nudity. Just behave the same as you would if fully dressed. Treat your nudity as a normal state of being, and the guys will typically do the same. And they will love it that you're treating them like responsible adults whom you trust. (Just never let them see you tremble. Lol.)

    Let me give you some context. My female roommate took a shower with the door as far open as possible and turned out the lights. It was a half hour past midnight and I'm pretty sure she starts drinking around 9pm, so she was probably drunk. She doesn't need to take a shower at half past midnight and did it for no reason. Plus in our bathroom there is no curtain for the shower, so if you walk in you see everything. the lights were off so i didn't see anything anyway, and i didn't walk into the bathroom, but my bedroom door is right next to the bathroom, so when i open it i have a direct view into the bathroom. i walked out of my room into the kitchen so she knew that i knew what she did. however, she might have been so drunk that she forgot about it the next day. the next day i decided to do the same thing, but i was sober. i took a shower at 10pm, which i never do, so she knows that i did it on purpose. i left the door wide open and turned out the lights. i was rather certain that she would come out of her room and she did. she came over, looked in, saw me, didn't say anything, then closed the door. nothing else happened that night. like i said, she might have been so drunk yesterday that she completely forgot that she took a shower with the door completely open. because she started using the second bathroom in our apartment and she never does that. that must have been her way of expressing disapproval for what i had done.

    let me give some more background. we've been living together since dec 1. we have two other roommates, one is retarded and the other is a guy that has no interest in her and has been living with her for about a year. she had a mental breakdown maybe last year or two years ago but she's not that crazy. the only craziness i've seen is that she's completely incapable of having an argument. if she raises her voice and gets angry, there's nothing you can do, she just goes crazy, so i've given up trying to persuade her of doing anything different. we we're sort of flirting with each other about three weeks ago, she would walk around in her underwear and things like that. but then i decided that this was unhealthy behavior so i decided to stop. when i saw her take a shower with the bathroom door completely open, that's when i backslid into lust and started to hunger to do sexual things again, though i seriously don't want to have sex with her, i just like doing the exhibitionism. i know this is very irrational and crazy but this is the way humans are. i'm not trying to excuse my behavior, i believe it's wrong, but i'm having a tough time resisting. anyway, i tried to understand what she might be thinking, so i found this article on the web and am wondering if it's true.

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    I forgot to mention a very important fact. I teach English to foreigners at a school and she is one of the students but she is not one of my students. i never see her at school because i'm mostly there at night, and she is mostly there in the day.

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    You are on very thin ice here. You actions were wrong. Even if she was flirting before, I think she is scared of you now.
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