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Thread: Is it bad if he hits my cervix?

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    Default Is it bad if he hits my cervix?

    My partner and I were having sex the other day and we started doing it doggie style but I think he was hitting my cervix. It felt really, really good, but it was a little painful at the same time. It eventually began to hurt enough that we had to switch to another position.
    But even though it hurt the first few minutes felt so great that I'd like to do it again.
    My question is, if he was deep enough that he was hitting my cervix could it do any damage?

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    Google tilted cervix.

    It is very common and doesn't stay with you for life, rather can tilt at times . When a man enters deeply and hard, it can hit the cervix, and whilst tilted slightly cause pain.

    It can't do any damage..

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    Your A-Spot is positioned near your cervix, so that's what he was hitting. The pleasure probably over-compensated for the pain from hitting the cervix. If he angles himself higher, just for explaining more in-depth, here's an example: let's say he is pounding you with his (edit) at a 30 degree angle, if he shifts his hips to be more at a 38 degree angle, he'll avoid hitting the cervix head-on, which can help with some of the pain. Depending on how thick he is, he might be able to avoid it all-together, but it's unlikely.

    There isn't any damage that can come of it. =)
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