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Thread: abdominal pain after sex

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    Default abdominal pain after sex

    Hi Hello Womens Health support,

    My sincere thanks for introducing such a wonderful site for women.

    I have a problem to be shared with you. Hope you will definetly help me with this issue.

    I am 23 year old female. before 6 months i had sex with my boyfriend , but i was bleeded (little much) and stopped doing that. but After 6 months i had sex with him, after sex i got abdominal pain to my left side. My last menstrual period was on 25 th jan. usually i get menstual periods for every 28 days. so as expected i should get my periods on 23 or 22. I had sex on 18feb and got periods on 20 feb. and still having abdominal pain till today. I dont know y am i getting this pain and what to do for this. please suggest me some home medicine, if possible.

    Hope you understand and help me.

    Looking forward for your reply.


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    Likely cramping, all you can really do is maybe put a hot water bottle on your stomach to ease the muscle pain or take some Advil.
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    Are you having abdominal pain or regular period cramps? How severe is the pain?

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