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Thread: Sex while spotting or period

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    Default Sex while spotting or period

    Ok, i just had the worst experience recently! I had no idea i was spotting or my period started early and i ended up in a random hookup. The guy completely freaked out when he realized it, stopped, and make up an excuse to get me out. Now i realize he is obviously a jerk, but looking at his face i LEGITIMATELY scared the out of him. I never saw a guy react like this before. I don't know if it was the blood and he was thinking some disease could be in it or because it was sort of thick and more like dried blood and he didn't know that it could look like that (this is usually what it is like for me if it is light, gyno says it is fine though). It wasn't much either. It didn't even continue the rest of the day, i think sex just provoked it.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?
    There's really nothing i can do now, and he's not worth my time, but i honestly feel awful. This guy was ready to throw up...and might have actually when he ran to the bathroom.
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    Wow what a jerk lol I've never had a guy not be okay with getting it on during a light period, but he must have thought it was something else? Was he using a condom? He's going to look like a complete idiot if he tries to say to anyone that he freaked bc he saw brown. "Dude, she was on her period. Chill."

    If it makes you feel any better, I was seeing this guy I reeeeeeeeeallly liked over winter. We were at his place, fooling around, slept together. When he finished, he handed me a dirty white shirt to clean myself up with while he left the room. I realized a lot more was coming out than normal, turned on the lights, and saw that I had bled ALL OVER HIS SHIRT! I wanted to cry. I just kept thanking Jesus that his sheets were brown. He acted totally fine even though I'm sure it grossed him out and I just pitched it in a paper bag, but oh God I was so embarrassed.
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    Some people do have a huge aversion to blood so that initial shock is enough to just freak them out. The other thing is a lot of men simply see blood, they think gross, end of story. Some women embrace their period, I am a woman and I absolutely loath my period but it is something that as a woman I have to accept and spotting is just something that may happen. But some men will definitely freak out, immature yes but that is just the way they are. If you spot then you spot it is nothing you can control do not worry about some kid of a guy freaking out.
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    Some people like me believe that sex during a females cycle is against our religion. Now just listen to me please!! It's nothing to freak out about and obviously the guy was a total jerk or it just caught him by surprise. d/k, but he is still a jerk and needs to get adjusted to adulthood.
    I'm not against it for anyone else, it's just not for me during that time. I have never freaked out about it, my wife feels the same way that I do about it. Just us I guess~
    Don't let it bother you and find a guy that you are more compatible with, obviously he is too immature for you anyway.

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    My boyfriend has an irrational fear of needles, that guy may have been the same way about blood...

    I agree with the others though, big insensitive jerk!

    None of my previous partners have ever shown an aversion to my period, and I gotta say I AM one of those women who "embrace" it so to speak. I don't put on funny dresses and go dancing around a campfire in the woods about it... but it doesn't bother me in any way, as long as I have the appropriate number of tampons/pads with me.

    So I wouldn't take this to heart. Many guys seem to be mature and educated on the subject, and some are not.

    Hey if you ever happen to hook up with him again... Pretend to feel nauseous as soon as he pulls down his pants and kick him out! SEE HOW HE LIKES IT haha.

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    What a big stupid doodoo head.

    My periods are rare. I get like 3-4 a year (unless I'm taking Provera which makes me have 2 a month). That gives my bf and I a LOT of time to get it on. So when I finally do, he doesn't mind. I definitely don't because I swear it heightens my sense of touch. So to each his own. And apparently that wasn't the doodoo head's cup of tea.

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    Ok guys stop being rude and mean to a guy you dont know cause you guys are being just like what you think he is. First off he was scared why wouldnt he be, he couldve thought he possibly caught something, he couldve thought he hurt you, he might just not like blood and having it on your most private possession clearly had life ending potential with him not knowing what you had. So give him a break he freaked so what natural response. It happened time to move on. My my people are so hypocritical.

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    MB answer me this?

    Have you ever had sex with a woman whilst on her periods that "you did not know"

    Agreed alot of men don't like to enter when there is blood but often in a committed relationship, get over it however, this was a "random hookup".

    Random hookup to me means SEX ... He is only there for sex, you were only there for sex, neither know each other and he wasn't banking on anything other than sex, so it's not his turn on, he left... I too wouldn't be calling him a jerk, but I also would not be non understanding that a complete stranger wasn't interested in having sex with blood...

    It happened, it happens but it's his choice as to whether he is okay with a stranger and having sex with her whilst she is bleeding isn't it?


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    Bumblebee? Sorry you mistook that wimp for a man. the 'old days' (pre-aides) blood on fighter was so common- you weren't considered a "real boxer" until you had a scar or two on your temples. A little feminine blood? And he runs "screaming" to the bathroom? What a WUSS. OK a little messy and "inconvienant"- so what- grow up and get over it. A "fact of life" -You have NOTHING to feel bad about. My opinion is it sort of like a man passing gas at an "inappropriate"time. A little embarrassing but ..a natural consequence of having a human body. Blow him off! My college girlfriend used to particularly like sex during her time because she felt "safe" from pregnancy and it relieved her "cramps". lol

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