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    Im almost 18 and i've been with my boyfriend for a little more than a year now and hes just proposed to me. Im still a vergin and im finley considering having sex with him but im afraid. my mom has put so much non-sence in my head that i was afraid to even kiss him after our first six months of dating (he was my first kiss) now we've been playing it slow and im finely starting to consider it and im freeking out! ive made it a point to get the works i.e birth control condems spermaside and lubericant. but im still scared. ive been told that it hurts the first time and after words it bleeds and im not one for pain ( never broken a bone in my life). is it that bad? im freeking out about getting pregnant is it as easy as people say it is? is cum as stick and grose as im told? why does it seem to be so nerve racking? am i just being a hypocondriact? i just really need some info to ease my mind. lol

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    You definitely are over-thinking and under-researching this.

    Birth control - you don't need to be on the pill AND use a condom AND use spermicide. Overkill. Condoms are great for STD protection, but if you're sure your partner is clean and feel like you can be responsible enough with the pill, then I don't think you'll need them. However **some** people do use both, to ease their mind, so I don't mean to discourage you too much.

    Have you ever fingered yourself up there? Ever inserted a tampon? If the answer is yes to either of these, sex the first time shouldn't hurt. And if it does, it means your body isn't turned on enough, and you probably shouldn't be having sex that day anyway!

    Make sure you're horny as heck, that you're nice and wet down there, and only then go for it. Experiment, make sure he teaches you how to pleasure him, and YOU teach HIM how to pleasure YOU. Lots of women miss this last bit, somehow. An orgasm for an orgasm, lol.

    And a guy's ejaculate varies from guy to guy. You'll just have to see for yourself how you feel about it.


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