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Thread: Ladies,Please Explain Your First Sex Experience In Detail....

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    Default Ladies,Please Explain Your First Sex Experience In Detail....

    Ladies....please share your first sex experience in detail...
    Please tell what all u felt during sex and if u had orgasm or not???
    Please Explain All Things You Have Done In Detail.....

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    My boyfriend and I were in bed and we had been talking about trying to have sex for awhile so we tried one night. Did not work out so well, it hurt and would not go in. So we tried over a period of time with just basic finger just so I got used to the feeling of something in me. It helped a lot, eventually he could enter me. First time he was actually in it still hurt but not as much as I thought it would. Definitely no orgasm though. From then on it has taken some "prep work" to stretch me out so that he can enter me, it is physically impossible for him to enter me if he does not at least finger me (we have tried without the prep and it ain't happening), the muscles simply will not be relaxed enough unless he takes those 5-10 minutes ahead of time.
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    Nithz, you haven't explained exactly WHY you're looking for this information. And given the way you've written your inquiry here, it reads as though you're just looking for raunchy stories. I am closing this thread. If you have a legitimate reason for your question, please let me know and I will reconsider this action.

    Thread closed.
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