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Thread: I don't get wet anymore?? Please Help.

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    Default How do I make condoms feel better for him?

    My boyfriend and I have been using condoms since we started having sex, but he didn't tell me that they were hurting him until just recently. I'm on birth control pills, but I'm too paranoid to do it without a condom (I know there are other contraceptives out there but condoms are simple and cheap).
    It hurts when he puts it on and takes it off, but not enough to leave red marks on his penis and cut off the circulation. We did put lube in the condom last time we had sex, and it felt better putting it on, but taking it off still killed him.
    I'm not concerned about the length of the condoms because he's average sized, and that's not what's making it hurt; it's his girth. He has a wide penis and I don't think regular condoms are going to cut it. My problem is, I don't know what condoms to buy. I wanted to get Magnums, but those are also longer than Trojan's regular sized condoms, and I don't want them to fall off while we're having sex.
    Has anyone else had the same problem? How do you make sex feel better for both parties? Which condoms are the best to use?

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    Best Condoms For Thick Penises

    Finding the best condoms for thick penises is no doubt a challenging affair. Putting a standard size condom on a thick penis can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. There is a greater chance the condom will rip or break, and protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases will be significantly compromised. The average condom is approximately 1.75 inches to 2 inches wide, so you'll want to look for something slightly roomier. A thick penis is generally said to have a girth (or circumference) of 5 inches or more, so if you fit the bill, you can use this list to help you find some of the best condoms for thick penises.

    Trojan Magnum XL Condoms Specifically tailored for thick penises, these condoms are 30% wider than the average condom and have the widest head measurement of any latex condom. They measure 2.7 inches at the head, 2.12 inches at the shaft, and 2 inches at the base. They are over 8 inches in length, so they may not work for men whose penises are not especially long.

    Durex PleasureMAX Condoms These condoms measure about 2.4 inches at the head, and 2 inches at the base and shaft. They are latex and built for maximum comfort.

    Trojan Magnum Large Size Condoms These latex condoms are 2.5 inches at the head, 2.25 inches at the shaft, and 2 inches at the base. They are slightly narrower than the Trojan Magnum XL condoms, but be warned- they are also over 8 inches long.

    Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms Looking for something other than latex? These extra-wide condoms are made from natural lambskin membrane and are 2.8 inches wide up and down. Be aware that these condoms will only prevent pregnancy and DO NOT protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

    Durex XXL The Durex XXL condom is designed to fit thick penises. They are about 2.13 inches wide and are made of latex.

    Crown Color Condoms If you want to add some pizzaz to your protection, give these condoms a whirl. They are 2.16 inches wide and come in red, blue, green, and yellow. They are made of latex and are also extra thin for increased sensation.

    Trustex Extra Large Condoms At 2.25 inches up and down, these latex condoms are extra wide and a great fit for thick penises.

    Durex Love Condoms Not only are these condoms 2.25 inches at the head and 2.125 inches at the shaft and base, they are also extra lubricated and extra thin.

    Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms These latex condoms measure 2.34 inches wide at the head and 2.05 inches at the shaft and base. They are borderline sheer, being about 25-40% thinner than the average condom.

    Trojan Magnum Twister These new latex condoms are part of Trojan's line of large condoms and are designed for thick penises that may want a little twist! They have a special shape and texture which helps increase both partners' pleasures. There is extra room at the 2.5 inch head, and they are tapered at the base for maximum comfort and fit.

    While the unifying factor between all of the best condoms for thick penises is their additional width and/or stretch, remember to take other key factors into consideration when shopping around. For optimal fit and safety, make sure the condom is not too long or short for your penis. Also remember to check its effectiveness against pregnancy and STDs, some are less reliable than others.

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    Thank you! (:

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    Unhappy I don't get wet anymore?? Please Help.

    Hi, my name is Mariah. I am only 16 and I need some help. I can't get wet anymore!! Sadly, I do have a sexual past and I wonder if it has anything to do with it.
    I started having sex at the age of 12 (I know, that is HORRIBLE, but I was in a very dis-functional family and I took comfort in the wrong person.) Ever since then, I have only had sex with one guy. This boy used me for sex until I was 15 years old. Now, I have a new boyfriend and he literally saved me from this jerk. He is 19 and I am 16 (we have parental consent, don't worry) and we have been together for one year. He is a virgin and I want to have a passionate first time with him so maybe I can replace those 3 years I had before. (The ex was small but abusive) We started doing foreplay about 6 months ago and I would get very wet. Now I don't. I feel just as horny as I did before but I don't get wet at all he thinks I'm not attracted to him and it's horrible!!!!
    I am on birth control but this started a little bit before I was on it. I take allergy medicine and an acid reflex pill as well. This makes no sense to me. I need help. Anyone have an answer as to why this is happening, or any tips on how to get wet??? This is very annoying.

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    Part of it may be due to the so called "Coolidge Effect" named after the former USA president. Your body may no longer be reacting to the novelty of the situation. Try to explain this to your bf. It is not necessary that you get very wet as you can use store bought lubrication for sex or foreplay.
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    change the pilles

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