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Thread: Looking to get a "full body massage" for my wife when we go on vacation.

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    I have had massages mostly from woman but one from a blind guy and physical therapy back massages, also from a guy. My general thing for women is I want an older one who knows how to use her hands, her elbows and if necessary, her knees. I like older because they have had enough experience to really do a massage right. I have never had a really bad massage from an older lady. My Thai mother-in-law can work deep kinks (caused by sleeping on a hard surface too many days) out of my back. The guy was too strong and left some aches. The physical therapist really knew how to give a massage to emphasize specific areas after I had injured my back at work. His mastery was impressive. My 2 cents.
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    Not that I am "actively "looking" right now...but why do you guys and gals assume that a massuese has to be "young"? For some of us at least under 45 is just not even in consideration, nice to look at but REALLY? Guys my age chasing those "young things" is like a dog chasing a sportscar- what would he do if he caught it? BUT being a dog he has to bark anyway. lol

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    When I am getting a massage I could care less if its a hot guy, an unnatractive guy, a hot female, an unnatractive one... Its about the massage. Most standard full body massages do butts and thighs... so not sure what the op means when he says 'something extra' with that..

    Like BD I question whether this is more about her stepping out of her comfort zone, her having a relaxing massage or some sexual fantasy of the OP about his wife receiving pleasure at the hands of another man. Either way... her mileage is going to vary depending on her mood when it happens.

    I've felt a tingle when getting a massage, and it never had ANYTHING to do with who was doing it, just natural body reacting to stimulation thing. It went away as fast as it hit and I got back to enjoying my achy muscles being worked out.

    A lot of women don't feel comfortable nude with a hot male massage therapist, we want to RELAX not be worried about which celulite dimple he might be seeing, something its easier to forget when the therapist is not someone you're attracted to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SaharaJim View Post
    I think most men would view him as a tool. Get my woman all relaxed and even a bit "turned on" get out of here so I can attend to "business". Obviously such thinking is ...shall we say...mistaken?
    Yeah, my thought would be the opposite. I'm with the ladies on this one. I don't understand this sentiment at all. I'm not generally jealous, but when it comes to my naked wife being touched and/or aroused I get angry picturing anyone other than myself doing the touching. When she has her annual ob-gyn appointment I secretly want to schedule her doctor's annual punch-in-the-face appointment.

    I also don't want to be massaged by a woman or a man. I guess I'm just funny that way. If it was clinical and as a part of some necessary therapy or something I guess that would be an exception. Other than that I figure we can massage each other.

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    Stillness- just to clarify. The yearly OBGYN appointment is less than pleasurable. You get probed and touched and it's in the least sexual way imaginable. Honestly- it's not something a woman "looks forward to" so do not get jealous of that! Besides... do you have a clue how many vaginas those doctors see daily? What makes you think your wives is anything special compared to anyone elses to them?

    The massaging, I totally get that. I would never want a good looking woman to be rubbing down my mans almost naked body and him getting pleasure out of it. NO THANK YOU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzardb63 View Post
    What makes you think your wives is anything special compared to anyone elses to them?
    It's the only one that's mine. And the punch wouldn't be pleasurable, just a very clinical and professional smashing of his face.

    But seriously, my wife did have an odd experience with a gynecologist where he said, "Now, don't smack me," and proceeded to twist her nipples between the tips of his fingers. There was no nurse there. It happened before we were married. She was very uncomfortable and never went back. I've never heard of this as part of an exam. Maybe someone can help me with this. And even if it is a legitimate technique why would he say that unless something he was feeling was less than professional? I've had doctors' fingers and cameras up my rectum and no one ever said, "Now don't slap me." It didn't need to be said. I know they're "trained professionals," but they're still human. And there's a reason they have nurses there now - because stuff has happened. I also know my feelings are probably a little unreasonable that's why I said I keep them inside, but besides that I've had women in my family sexually assaulted by men they trusted. I'm not really going to punch anybody (not yet, anyway), but I am unneasy with my wife being naked and vulnerable with another man, doctor or not.

    Interestingly, my brain doesn't seem to make much of a distinction between a male or a female masseuse. I have some friends that massage. I would feel a lot more comfortable with them massaging my wife, but still I'd prefer I do it.

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