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    Ive been wondering recently. How does it feel when you're ovulating? I mean do you feel horny or something? I purchased the fertility book and even downloaded period calendars that tracks your ovulation days and fertility days bt I'm not sure if they are accurate cause I still can't figure out what my cycle days are. My period has changed because I've taken a plan b so it's not the same as before. I read somewhere that whem your egg dies it gets flushed out when youre on your period. So I guess I have a couole of questions. How do you know when you're ovulating? Do you feel horny, or do you have vaginal discharge, or something? Would the following week after your period safe without protection and with ejaculating too?

    Also what does it mean when you are fertile? Same feeling? You still ovulate right when you're fertile?

    Sooooo confused.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You ovulate 14 days prior to your period. this is pretty standard for most women (there are always exceptions). The number of days before you ovulate can vary between women. Each woman is different. Some can actually feel it when the egg is released. You get a sharp cramp and may even see some spotting that day. Leading up to ovulation, your discharge gets thicker, but still pretty clear. It has a smell, not bad, but a certain odor. It actually is very attractive to men. Men in general behave differently around an ovulating woman. Research has shown that strippers who are ovulating make more money.

    Many, but not all, women feel more sexually aroused during this time. Obviously, this is the time you are most fertile. Your skin is clearest and you tend to be in the best moods. The egg only survives 24 hours. After that, it move out of the fillopian tubes into the uterus. Eventually it is expelled with the uterus lining and that is your period.

    There are safer periods to have sex, but it is no garuntee. Sperm can live in your uterus for 5 days and you can never be sure when you are going to ovulate. You can ovulate when you are having your period, so you can get pregnant even during your period. Fertility books and tracking can be effective, but the possibility of doing it wrong is so high. You have to measure your temperature each morning before you get out of bed. You can't even move a little around the bed. So your partner has to do it. You can't miss a single day. It actually requires a lot of work. Remember, this won't protect you against infections.

    If you are looking to have sex without condoms or being on the pill, there are other options like the diaframe and IUDs. If you have sex trying to figure out your ovulation date, you are takinga risk. Trust me, I got pregnant this way. Luckily I was in a situation where getting pregnant was not a big deal.

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    My dad tells me that the rhythm method blessed me with two of my siblings. I feel sorry for couples dealing with this stuff. My wife and I gave in to nature. Everything we investigated and tried either has side effects or takes away from enjoyment. It was very frustrating.

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    The rhythm method is quite different than FAM. What book are you reading? If you're reading a good book, it should give you the answers to your questions and then some. If you're reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler, you'll learn more than you ever imagined knowing about how your own body works. Sp is correct though in her explanations of how all this works. I use FAM which means I chart my basal body temperature every morning. Often I experience discomfort in my lower abdomen, usually on one side, when I'm nearing ovulation. I also often feel a surge in hormones...find myself a bit more emotional than usual. As for libido, mine is usually highest from a few days before ovulation, to period which is typically around a 16 day period.

    This is NOT a method of birth control you need to use unless you are experienced at it and diligent. It is fine to use this in addition to condoms or diaphgram. But using it alone, without knowing how your body works etc, is just asking for pregnancy.

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