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Thread: How to be a freak in bed!?

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    Default How to be a freak in bed!?

    Hi ladies. Im only 22 and im findingbit hard to please my man. We been together for 6years and have two kids. sometime i feel like sex is whatever. There are times when im really horny and we get to it, but everytime i am to get on top, i cant. As much as i try to move i cant. I feel its dumb and that i look stupid. Sometimes i can but not good. I know i cant. My man tells me i can do it and to keep trying and he helps me by rockin my hips with his hands. I really want to be the o e doing it by my self. I feel like hes going to get bored one day because mostly is him always doing the work. I feel stiff like a stick just laying there. What can i do to be a freak? To be able to ride him?? Plus am alwayz reading how girls drip wet and ejaculate.. Has never happened to me :/ i have had an orgasm. But i can never drip. I feel the urge to "pee" and he tells me to let it out. But i cant. I dnt knw if its all in my head and im the one causin this or i dont know. Please someone help me out! Thank you

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    Research research research...
    Read erotica, watch porn, look and see what others do, how they do it. Honestly for me the internet has been so helpful. I have seen stuff and enjoyed it thinking i want to try that, other stuff i have been shocked by. At least i know what i don't want to do. I have a lot of body hangups, but seeing "normal" people having sex in amateur porn and stuff (i don't watch a lot of it ) has helped me realize my man loves me, and my body. I used to think only skinny girls with tight bods could be freaks in bed. Not true. I had a lot of mummy hang ups thinking mummies don't have sex like that.... um yes we do ..... I had being on top issues also but watching all sorts of others helped me understand how to be better at it and give me confidence to try it.
    So don't be shy, you don't have to tell others you are watching porn from an instructional point of view, but honestly for some of us it does not come naturally because of our upbringing, beliefs whatever so we have to learn somehow. Very few women don't want to truly please their man but i think a lot of refusal and disinterest comes from insecurity about looking silly or not knowing how. Research. research research....

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    Hi Hard2please, welcome to the Forum

    What can i do to be a freak?
    The first thing I would do is loose that thought pattern. You are not a freak by exploring the different ways of having intercourse, rather exploring and sharing togetherness in different ways.

    If you personally think you are being a freak by riding a man, you are not going to be able to do it, because you aren't doing it for the right reasons, rather because you don't want to lose someone and feel that you have to.

    If you can get your mindset around intimacy is beautiful, having no inhibitions but boundries, womanly.. All sorts of things will change for you.

    I think that he also is putting too much pressure on you, "you can do it, just do it" attitude. Do you think that is right? He should be making you feel so comfortable to be a woman, and that it's ok to be one. Not, "yeah you can do it" attitude.

    Woman that let themselves go, achieve more than an orgasm, but you have to have trust in your relationship and acknowledge that all you are doing is being intimate with your partner.

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