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Thread: How to drive your man wild?

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    I love giving the 2 a.m. bj!! He falls asleep way earlier than I do. I call them "sneak attacks."

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    Quote Originally Posted by honeygirlDC View Post
    I am not here to judge any of you but I will be honest and say this to you: If when you stick your finger anywhere near your mans ****** and he don't push the hell out of you (natural reflex) then please question his manhood immediately. I would not dare violate my man like that, and I know that if I tested him and did this to him and he allowed me to do it, I'm going to totally get upset.
    Some guys feel the same way, but there are also a lot as previous posts have shown that like anal play. There is a huge difference between a man being involved in anal sex/play with another man vs. a woman. The pleasure may be the same, but the woman attached to the finger/strap-on is still a woman. I'd only question my boyfriend's sexuality if i found out he thought about men the whole time, but I'm bisexual, so I wouldn't be mad if he was as well, but I understand that some people believe differently on the matter. Just don't completely rule out the idea of anal play. It gives me an amazing feeling to give my guy such intense orgasms.

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    Default A BJ at 2am ???

    Good lord. That's my dream come true. Sadly, it'll never happen.

    I envy your man.

    - MiniVanMan

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    Thank you all for your replies and suggestions! You guys definetly didn't "scimp" on the descriptions It is so hard to keep the spice up, and a lot of what was suggested, I have tried...although I am not as comfortable with the anal probing (though I love to watch gay porn, don't know if I want my husband enjoying it like that). He does somewhat encourage it, but I think at times, it is just a front and he only does it because he knows how much watching the pornos turn me on.

    Whipcream, toys, massage oil, music, candles, outside the bedroom action...done it. The techniques...those were HOT...I will work on it and let you know how it turned out. Keep them coming ladies and gents!

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    Wink Try these....

    Just a few things you might want to try.......

    Have you ever masturbated in front of your man? A total turn on for most men. Once while my husband was in the shower prior to going to bed, I changed into a sexy t-shirt, no bra and no panties and some sexy high heels. I sat on the bed with my back against the headboard, spread my legs, knees bent with feet flat on the bed and started pleasuring myself. When my husband got out of the shower and came into the bedroom with just a towel wrapped around him, his eyes widened with a total look of seduction as I said, "I'm really wet already and I thought maybe you'd like to watch for awhile and then you can finish me off how ever you would like..." He was speechless. I grabbed the towel and he was already "up" for it. One of our most memorable nights.

    Another time, we had both already climaxed and as we lied close, I whispered in his ear..."I think I really need to taste you again". I slowly moved down and very, very gently started licking his penis and checking his face to make sure it was good for him, I then took his softened penis in my mouth...believe me he did not object. I just lightly sucked it in my mouth as I know how sensitive it can be after orgasm and then felt it start to swell. Now, at least once a week, he asks me if we can so that "soft suck thing" again.

    Have fun...


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