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Thread: Had sex and my periods stopped

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    Unhappy Had sex and my periods stopped

    I had period in 1st of march and it continues to 4th and I we had and protected sex with my boyfriend on 28th of march and still (17th of April) I didnít had my periods. Why is that? Normally i have 30-35 period cycle.Please help me people.

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    Cycles do change from time to time, being, that our bodies change every few years . Stress doesn't help and can actually delay your period .
    Wait a week at least, take a Pregnancy Test , they are only a $1.00 or you can go to several Free Clinic's and get Tested for free and given Condoms or Pills for FREE !!

    Is there a reason you are having Unprotected Sex ?
    Are you wanting to get Pregnant ?

    If Not, then, find out if you Are or Not Pregnant.
    If you are, you will miss your Period for another 8 months at least . And have a lifetime of Responsibility.

    If Not Pregnant, get on Birth Control ,of Some kind, Pills, Nuva Ring, Norplant, or Condoms.

    It is time to be Mature and take Responsibility. You and Only you are Responsible for your Protection against an Unwanted or Unplanned Pregnancy. No Protection, No Sex !!!

    Good Luck Sweetie .. Please think about taking care of yourself .

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    Can you just tel me why have my periods stopped after having a protected sex?

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    No protection is 100% affective! Wait until you are certain you have missed your period then take a pregnancy test.. Good luck..

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