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Thread: Female arousal

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    Default Female arousal

    Is female arousal triggered by talk and touch sensations as opposed to visual stimuli in males?

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    I think everybody is diffferent, but in general, I do think guys are aroused by looking at something than women. I like watching a good eroctic R rated movie, but get turned off by most XXX movies. Part of the reason I dislike XXX movies is that women in them so fake, no women I know say or do the things I've seen the in XXX movies. Seeing\hearing "Oh, Oh, Yeah, I rape me, rape me, slap me around and keep raping me...." isn't going to be me sexually excited.

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    Every person is turned on in different ways. It also depends on the persons mood. I can just get horny out of the blue, sometimes it takes foreplay of kissing, touching, little bit of naughty talk. There is no one set lock combination for each individual. Heck, some people get turned on by pretty looking feet. Just get to know the person, go slow, read their signs, listen to them, and you'll start to find what it is they like and need.

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