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Thread: Blood in female 'ejaculate'?

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    Default Blood in female 'ejaculate'?

    After I orgasm, I notice a tiny bit of fresh blood along with the 'ejaculate'. I am going to get a doctors appointment but for now it would be nice to get my mind put at rest. I can't seem to find any similar issues on google and I just wonder if anyone else has ever had this? I don't get blood in my urine and my periods are regular and normal. It is after sex with my partner and also when I do it on my own so I guess I can rule out it being an innocent tare.

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    Maybe your cervix is getting bumped. Occasionally I have a streak of blood afterward if that happens. How sensitive the cervix is varies by person so some know for certain every time something hits it and some don't seem to notice. I actually saw someone pierce their own cervix with no pain killers. Don't ask me why you'd want a piercing there.... I could hardly stand having an IUD put in.

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    I wouldn't worry about it - could just be chafing somewhere or something like that. Are you lubed enough? Also is your 'ejaculate' the cloudy creamy kind or the watery clear kind? The watery clear stuff actually makes a poor lube, even tho it tends to be more plentiful, so if that's your type you may actually need more lube lol, strange as it sounds.

    Anyway your doctor will take care of you, don't stress it.
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