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Thread: Diaper Rash of Baby

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    Default Diaper Rash of Baby

    Does your baby at home suffering from Diaper Rash? I have a friend of mine, he got a baby boy at her home, and that it has so many rashes due to its diaper..

    Actually there are good alternative for these and they are the Tender Tusk ointment and Rose ointment… I recommend it to my friend, and she said it actually worked… Hope that it can help other to. So I posted it here.
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    Arbonne's Diaper Rash Creme is the best!!

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    As a Professional Mommy, we don't have diaper rash.
    Every time the baby needs a change we wash off the
    baby in water, and then we use a little olive oil and
    lots of cornstarch.

    We also give the baby a little oj every day to balance
    the ph of the urine.

    Baby Will NEVER have diaper rash.


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