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Thread: Wisdom teeth at 30+ years?

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    Default Wisdom teeth at 30+ years?


    Has anyone had their wisdom teeth removed on or after 30 years of age? I am 29 and my teeth are partially out. I am hoping that the dentist will treat them as regular teeth, but to be honest I don't know if that can be done. Also, I hear that as you get older it becomes more "impacted" into your jaw, and therefore harder to pull out, is this true?

    If anyone has had them done at or after 30, how was the procedure and recuperation?

    Thanks much!


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    well i'm 26 and still have mine. My dentist told me I will need mine removed. I have one thats chipped like crazy and one thats growing on an angle. From what I've been told, over time they will get worse but honestly I'd like to see what other people post because I'm curious my self

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    Impacted simply means that they are growing in sideways instead of vertical.
    Impacted teeth are harder to extract and because of the methods the Dr. uses to "dig" them out, may cause your convalescent period to be slightly longer.

    I got all of mine taken out when I was 21 - they put me under and I didn't feel a thing. When I woke up my mouth just felt funny. I went drinking that night.

    The best thing to do is to keep your mouth clean. Food would collect in the pockets where my teeth were extracted and it was uncomfortable. I had to rinse my mouth after every meal.

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    I had mine out at 15 or 16, they were impacted, still in the bone and it wasn't much fun. My daughter had hers out last year and had a much easier time of it. My ex has his, they grew in without any problem and weren't an issue. He is a big man and had plenty of room in his jaw.

    It really depends on your situation. If they are growing out as they should (not sideways as mine were) then don't worry about it! Does make you wonder what people did before they had all this surgery, doesn't it?
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