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Thread: How to keep away from Hunger?

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    Smile How to keep away from Hunger?

    The only ways to lose weight are eat right and exercise.... well I wanna skip the exercise (haha) and to do only eating the right food at the right time... I eat 3x a day which is normal, but I heard we need to keep away from hunger by eating small portions of food every 3 hours.. so it makes 5x a day ....... my question is what kind of food should I eat in between lunch n dinner, or between bfast n lunch (the food should make me full n not making me eat more, for example like banana, but im kinda bored with banana, lol).

    any ideas?
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    cheeky, you can't skip the exercise, ok, for now maybe until you gain more energy right?

    5 - 6 small meals a day is the better way to go, but depends on what your 3 meals consist of, want to share?

    You know the 5 veg, 3 fruit, lots of water, low fat meats/ like chicken or fish, 200gms max of red meat and only twice a week rules, no butter, no cream, no mayo, ranch dressings, ahhhhh...

    Replaced with soya and lemon, as a dressing, or tzasiki no fat, or, white wine as your sauce...

    Then the in-between ones,

    handleful of nuts,
    celery sticks, carrot sticks, capsicum ( bell pepper) sticks, mushrooms cut
    a small tub no fat yoghurt
    handful of berries

    egg white omlettes instead of the yolk,
    wholemeal breads instead of white

    are other things to consider,

    haha good luck, no seriously, you can do it.


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    haha, thanks for sharing, CW!

    yeah I am in the moment when exercise is not included in my diet, not excited for now, I know that exercising helps so much to lose weight but ummm I think I'll do it later someday, lol. and hey thanks for the tips, i usually eat banana and i think it is great when u just dont feel too hungry at lunch time.. but if I had to eat banana for bfast everymorning, uhh.... i think I will get bored, ha.

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    I also have a problem with this. Well actually my problem is I never really feel full until I am stuffed. I have tried drinking more water, seltzer and even coffee but nothing has helped, I am like a bottomless pit... Once I start noshing I have issues stopping. Any suggestions from anyone?
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    Water, not only is it necessary to help facilitate weightloss by helping to flush the fat you are losing from your body and replace fluids lost through exercise - it also works wonders on helping give the sensation of satiety when eating smaller quantities. Drink a glass of water before each meal and snack, it will help fill you up a lot quicker.

    Load up your plate with celery, you can eat as much of it as you want. It's a great food for grazers, people that just like to nibble throughout the day or while watching tv etc. You can find some super low calorie fat free balsamic vinagrettes , salsa , mustard - low cal things to dip it in to make it more interesting.

    Sugar free jello is about 10 calories per serving, a sweet filling treat that can help fill you up , add it to the end of your meals as a little desert. You can even put on a tablespoon of fatfree coolwhip for just an extra 5 or 10 calories.

    Fruit is very very good for you, but it does carry calories as well so you want to be careful not to over do it there either. Nuts while also healthy for you are a sneaky source of calories and the serving sizes for nuts are very very small so use caution on those for snacks.

    I do about 6 small meals a day and I try to make sure that I am getting all my essential nutrients and vitamins spread out through each of them.

    Some mini meals I have from time to time:

    Low cal yogerts with fresh strawberries or blueberries chopped in

    Fat free cheese serving with a few wheat crackers and grapes

    Meatless chicken patty on a whole wheat english muffin with honey mustard lettuce and tomatoes.

    Veggie Corn dog with celery and pinapples on the side

    Low calorie but vitamin fortified cereal, 1/2 cup soy milk , 1/2 banana

    2 slices of wholewheat raisin bread, I can't believe its not butter spray and 1/2 pear

    Low fat frozen bean n cheese burritos, with a simple tossed salad, light balsamic vinagrette

    Celery and a tablespoon of peanut butter, a few sprinkled raisans and 1/2 apple

    Frozen low cal microwave entrees like butternut squash ravioli lean cuisine etc.

    Low fat/sugar High fiber muffins

    Fiber One Pop Tart

    Those are a few of my favorites right now. The most important thing when eating small frequent meals is to pay attention to the calories and serving sizes on everything you eat and to check protein, iron and carbs content to be sure you are meeting your body's specific daily needs.
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