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Thread: How to burn more fat during workout

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    Default How to burn more fat during workout

    I read a very interesting article from just now and it tells how we can burn more fat during workout. It's simple...Don't eat before you exercise. The scientist suggest that since our body is low in food and doesn't have carbohydrates to use as energy during exercise, it will use our fat reserve as fuel instead.

    A study was conducted to prove this theory and their findings were favorable. The group who didn't eat any carbohydrates during workout burned a significant amount of fat than those who ate.

    This mean exercising on an empty stomach isn't so bad after all..

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    Not sure. If you have an empty stomach, you definitely can't push yourself as hard because you don't have the energy. Did the study say how much muscle they burned as well?
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    I've seen studies that support that idea, studies that say you should not to eat for 1 hour after workouts and studies that say fat metabolism is the same either way. I suspect that regards to burning fat, it doesn't matter a whole lot either way.

    For the long haul, just eat a ballanced diet high in fresh veggies and low in sodium, stay out of the McDonalds drivethru window and things will take care of themselves.
    good luck

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    I heard that eating after you work out is good (obviously something healthy like yogurt) because your metabolism is high and will burn more calories.

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    when you are doing workout then you should try to increase the metabolism speed. if you are having thyroid problem then you should take the help of experts to remove your hypothyroidism problem.

    if your problem is solved then you will get higher metabolism speed because it reduces your weight via burning your fat.

    i hope this will help you.


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    But also DO make sure to drink water during the workout specially if you want to work out long coz else we might need paramedics to pick you up.. lol..

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    Default reduce weight via reducing your hunger and get energy from your body glucose


    There are many ways to reduce your weight. You can use good pills which is having power to burn your fat. You can also take the help of good exercise for fulfilling your need. You should start using Hoodia ingredient products which is also having power to burn your fat.

    Hoodia will work that you do not feel hunger and other burner will work for burning your fat. With these process you can reduce your weight in very little time period.


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