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image of a couple looking away from each other while seated on either side of the bed with a statistical graphic in the center between them that reads: 33% of married couples over the age of 50 report that they rarely or never have sex

What Age Do People Stop Having Sex: Statistics To Know

Among Americans aged 65 and older 61.3% of females and 28.3% of males report being sexless for at least five years, although sex can stop at any age for a number ...
photograph of justin holding the autumn falls cream fleshlight in one hand and its box in the other with a playful expression on his face

Autumn Falls Fleshlight and Pocket Pussy Review

The Autumn Falls Fleshlight “Cream” is the perfect combination of tightness and texture that really makes jerking off an event.
split screen image featuring a graphic depicting percentage of women who experienced oral sex for the first time from ages 16 through 19 on the left, and a seductive photograph of a woman with her lips around a strawberry on the right

How Common Is Oral Sex (Frequency By Age)

Heterosexual Americans give oral sex 5.14 times per month and receive it 5.08 times per month on average, with 59% of women giving oral sex compared to 52% of men...
pop art illustration with two women's faces on either side of a speech bubble that reads: are you worried about butt hair

Butt Hair: Expert Removal Tips & What You Need To Know

Just about everyone has butt hair — and it’s normal. We’ll explain why, what people think about it, and offer safe tips for removing it if you want to.
photograph of justin holding a fleshlight sleeve and a bottle of fleshwash cleaner in his hand

How To Clean A Fleshlight: Step By Step With Demos

Cleaning your Fleshlight is important yet simple, involving just a few steps that will keep your favorite pocket pussy in tip-top shape.
collage image featuring justin holding the fleshlight air dryer against a contemporary blue background and a graphic signifying wind

How To Dry A Fleshlight: Step By Step With Demos

Drying your Fleshlight is vital and there are plenty of ways to accomplish it, including dryers, hangers, and several easy DIY methods.
split screen image featuring a bar graph on the left depicting that 23.2% of married men and 19.2% of married women have cheated, with a closeup image of a man's collar with a lipstick stain on the right

Who Cheats More: Men Or Women? (Infidelity Statistics)

More than one-fifth of married people report cheating (23.2% of men, 19.2% of women), but that’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to infidelity data we found.
aerial photograph of a hand holding our team's top recommended bullet vibrators: desire by lovehoney, cute little fuckers shimmer, and bloomi play mini vibrator

The 3 Best Bullet Vibrators That Perfectly Hit The Spot

Sleek, discreet, and clit-rockingly effective, bullet vibrators continue to be a widely popular sex toy for beginners and experienced users alike.
Photograph Of Reviewer Zoë Holding The Lovehoney Sexy Lingerie Advent Calendar For 2022

The 8 Best Sexy Advent Calendars For Naughty Fun In 2023

Santa isn’t the only one packin’ a bag of goodies. Whether for self-pleasure or exploring together, these Advent calendars will make you scream “Oh, holy night!”
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