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Women's Health Interactive is an inclusive and passionate team of sex-positive writers and industry professionals who are dedicated to having open, honest, and fearless conversations about sex, sexual health, and relationships. There is no topic "too embarrassing" to talk about head-on — in fact, we dive right in! We advocate for sexual pleasure without shame and through our work, we encourage sexuality as something to be embraced — and celebrated.

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Aerial Photograph Of Two Hands Washing Curved Vibrator Over Basin With Running Water

How To Properly Clean A Vibrator To Avoid Bacteria & Infections

Avoid nasty bacteria, yeast infections, and STIs by properly cleaning your vibrator before and after every use, between partners, or orifices.
Photograph Of Castor Oil Bottle On White Tabletop With Blurred Bedding In The Distant Background

Castor Oil As Lube Or For Anal Sex: Is It Safe?

Whether or not using castor oil is a safe choice to use as a personal lubricant depends on your personal circumstances and what you’re using it for.
Photograph Of Woman Holding Rabbit Vibrator While Standing At Store Checkout Counter

Where To Buy A Vibrator Online Or In Person

You can buy a vibrator online from vendors like Adam & Eve, or in-person at a local store like Target, CVS, or even Urban Outfitters.
Photograph Of Shaving Cream Bottle On White Tabletop With Bedding In Distant Background

Can You Use Shaving Cream As Lube, Or For Anal Sex?

Ths simple answer is NO — it is not safe to use shaving cream, shaving gels, or even shaving soaps and lotions as a personal lubricant for many reasons.
Photograph Of Unsure Redheaded Woman Holding A Rabbit Vibrator

What Does A Vibrator Feel Like And Why Does It Feel So Good?

Discover what type of sensations vibrators create, what they feel like, and why they feel so good.
Photograph Of Young Woman Examining Two Vibrators In Sex Toy Store

Do You Have To Be 18 To Buy A Vibrator?

No — there is no federal law that prohibits the purchase of sex toys at any age, however, local jurisdictions may have limitations in place.
Screenshot Of Zoë's Review Video Featuring Her Smiling While Holding A Bottle Of Wet Platinum Silicone Lube

Wet Platinum: Our Top-Rated Lightweight Silicone Lube

Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant’s lightweight texture mimics your body’s own lubrication, won’t dry out, and is perfect for long-lasting vaginal and anal sex.
Aerial Photograph Of Table Place Setting Displaying A Bowl Filled With 6 Small Vibrators And A Strawberry

Using A Vibrator For The First Time: Everything You Need To Know

Using a vibrator for the first time doesn’t have to be intimidating. Discover how to choose the right one for you and how to use it solo or with your partner.
Photograph Of Extended Index Finger Dripping Thick, Clear-White Fluid Resembling Semen On Skin

Can You Use Cum As Lube, Or For Anal Sex?

If you’re not concerned about unintended pregnancy or STIs, cum can be a safe lube alternative — but it might not be the best choice for many reasons.
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