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split screen image with a bar graph on the left depicting the number of times couples have sex each year (married, 55; never married, 59) with a sweet photograph of a couple snuggling in bed together on the right

How Often Do (Or Should) Couples Have Sex: By Age, Orientation, And Relationship Status

Married couples have sex about 55 times each year and sex frequency between couples often declines from midlife through the elderly years.

The Best Quickshots for the Hottest Handjobs: Tested & Reviewed

Fleshlight Quickshots are compact strokers that feel like an incredible handjob, only better — and we found the very best ones to try.
split screen image with a bar graph on the left depicting that among couples aged 60 and older who report having sexual activity weekly, 26% report partnered sex, 22% report masturbation, and 18% report oral sex, with a photograph of a 60-something couple hugging one another in a plant nursery

Sex After 60: Frequency, Drive, And Sexuality Later In Life

Americans in their 60s have sex an average of 20 times per year and 26% of men and women between the ages of 60 and 69 do it weekly.
split screen image with a graphic on the left featuring vector silhouettes of five people with 4.3 of them colored solid orange to depict that american women aged 25 to 49 report having an average of 4.3 sexual partners in their lifetime, with a sexy photograph on the right of a woman dancing between two men

Are Men Or Women More Sexually Active — And Why?

According to our findings, men (in general) tend to report more sex partners than women but the frequency of sex is roughly similar between the genders.
photograph of product tester justin smiling while leaning his head against the violet myers ahegao fleshlight box while holding the anal fleshlight in his hand, a visual expression of how much he enjoyed using it again and again

Violet Myers: The Most Popular Anal Fleshlight Of 2024 (Full Review)

The anal Violet Myers Fleshlight “Ahegao” offers knockout tightness and suction that never once failed to deliver an orgasm — although sometimes TOO quickly.
split screen image with a bar graph on the left depicting that among unmarried women aged 18 to 44, 11.1% report having three or more sexual partners in the previous year, 10.7% report having two sexual partners in the previous year, and 58.4% report having just one sexual partner in the previous year, with a photograph of a young couple dancing together at prom, premarital sex concept

How Many Sex Partners Do People Have Before Marriage?

94% of women and 96% of men report having premarital sex by age 44. Among those never married, 19.7% of men and 18% of women have 5-9 sex partners.
split screen image featuring a set of bar graphs on the left depicting that among gay men, 28% report usually having sex twice per week and 23% report always having sex twice per week, compared to lesbians, 25% of whom report usually having sex twice per week and 10% reporting that they always have sex twice per week, with a photograph of a Black lesbian couple on the right laying together against a pillow with one of them holding a book titled queer intentions

Sex Frequency Among Homosexuals (Gay And Lesbian)

About 23% of gay men report always having sex more than 2 times each week compared to just 10% of lesbians who report doing the same.
photograph of the fleshlight universal launch on a table with a fleshlight girls full-sized fleshlight attached to demonstrate how the automatic masturbator looks when fully assembled

Our Hands-On (Or Off!) Review of The Fleshlight Universal Launch

The Universal Launch turns your favorite full-sized Fleshlight (or other cased stroker) into your own personal sex robot for hands-free jerking off.
split screen image featuring a bar graph on the left depicting that 54.1% of men and 55.4% of women through the age of 24 report that they had sex in the past 30 days with an image of a young couple in their early 20s sitting closely together on a curb while laughing and cuddling

Average Amount Of Sex For Couples In Their 20s

Americans in their 20s have sex about 80 times each year, although 25% of people through the age of 24 have not yet had sexual activity with a partner.
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