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Women's Health Interactive is an inclusive and passionate team of sex-positive writers and industry professionals who are dedicated to having open, honest, and fearless conversations about sex, sexual health, and relationships. There is no topic "too embarrassing" to talk about head-on — in fact, we dive right in! We advocate for sexual pleasure without shame and through our work, we encourage sexuality as something to be embraced — and celebrated.

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Photograph Of Woman Holding Two Vibrators, One In Each Hand, Comparison And Selection Concept

The Best Vibrators — Curated By Our Experts & Their Orgasms

Discover the absolute best vibrators for clitoral, vaginal, or dual stimulation — ranked by their ability to deliver orgasms just the way you want them.
Close Up Photograph Of Woman Holding Soapy, Heart-Shaped Sponge In Her Hands

How To Clean Up Cum After Sex: From Top To Bottom

Cleanup after sex doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll share tips for every situation — cum inside, outside, and everywhere in between.
Photograph Of Woman Holding The Evolved Butterfly Effect G-Spot Massager Near Her Waist

The 6 Best Butterfly Vibrators That’ll Make You Flutter With Pleasure

Butterfly vibrators are versatile, fun vibes that feature wings and antennae, are often wearable for partner play, and stimulate everything down under.
Photograph Of Interracial Couple On Beach With The Woman Piggy-Back Riding The Man, Playful Concept

A Beginner’s Guide To Pegging

If you’re curious about pegging and want to explore this sex act where a woman anally penetrates her partner and is both a kink and a fetish, you’re not alone.
Closeup Photograph Of Olive Oil Being Poured From Dark Glass Bottle

Can You Use Olive Oil As Lube For Anal Or Vaginal Sex? Is It Safe?

Although it is technically safe to use as a personal lubricant, incorporating olive oil into your sex life will generally lead to more problems than it solves.
Close Up Photograph Of Hand Holding Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 Vibrator Against White Wall

Lora DiCarlo Osé 2: Intense Orgasms Worth Steep Learning Curve

With the ability to perfectly fit your body, and despite the fact that it makes you work for it, the orgasms achieved by the Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 are like no other.
Blue And Pink Background Split Horizontally Behind A Bottle Of Baby Oil, Crossed Out Concept

Can You Use Baby Oil As Lube For Anal Or Vaginal Sex? Is It Safe?

With the risk of damaged condoms and vaginal and rectal infection, baby oil is not the safest lube alternative for many reasons.
Yellow Background Covered In Water Droplets With A Smiley Face Of Droplets In The Center

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Squirting

When it comes to female ejaculation and squirting, chances are you’ve got lots of questions. We’ll talk about what squirt is, how it feels, and how you can do it.
Colorful Collage Of Several Egg Vibrators In Different Styles Against Green Background

The 5 Best Egg Vibrators: Love Eggs That Will Hatch Massive O’s

Despite their compact size, egg vibrators — or love eggs — offer incredible G-spot vibrations, exquisite clitoral stimulation, and even deep anal pleasure.
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