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split screen image demonstrating the effect of silicone lube on a silicone sex toy: on the left is an image of a silicone gear in perfect condition, labeled as the example of a silicone toy; on the right is an image of that same silicone gear after soaking in silicone personal lubricant, with gloved hands stretching it to more than twice its size and showing signs of serious degradation

Can You Use Silicone Lube With Silicone Sex Toys?

The short answer is no — you generally shouldn’t use silicone lube with silicone sex toys, and there are several reasons why.
abstract colored pencil illustration depicting male hand squeezing a large sausage, male masturbation concept

How Often Do Men Masturbate & When Is It Considered Too Much?

Research studies show that most men (60.1%) masturbate monthly, if not weekly (8.9%) – or even daily (9.9%). If excessive, however, it could be a problem.
collage image of three beginner vibrators at angles, one right next to the other, against a complementary color panel: bloomi mini play bullet vibrator, hitachi magic wand massager, and satisfyer pro 2 clit sucker

Best Vibrators For Beginners: 18 First Vibes To Try (By Type)

The best first vibrator depends on the stimulation types you enjoy most, and there are user-friendly options we recommend for each.
photograph of the four best fleshlight pornstar girls after our testing: autumn falls cream, riley reid utopia, mia malkova boss level, violet myers ahegao

4 Best Fleshlight Girls (Celebrity Pornstar Models)

It was hard choosing the best pornstar Fleshlights from the Girls’ line, but someone had to do it. We tested 12 models over 130 hours to find our top picks.
split screen image featuring a woman riding piggy back on a man's back at the beach on the left and a donut chart depicting that 16% of sexually-active adults have tried pegging on the right

How Common Is Pegging?

Although 16% of adults have tried pegging, sales of related gear are rising 44% each year, according to our proprietary research and data.
collage image of product tester justin holding a fleshlight universal launch in his hand with inset images of two other automatic strokers, the vedo hummer 2 in the upper right and the kiiroo keon in the lower right

Automatic Fleshlight: The Best Strokers For Hands-Free Orgasms

An automatic masturbator lets you jerk off hands-free for an immersive experience and we found the best ones that’ll rock your socks off!
collage image featuring a gold-cased fleshlight stamina training unit next to its box against a grungy, tough-looking black and white chalk illustration of muscled arms flexing, stamina and strength concept

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review: A Personal Gym For Your Love Muscle

With intense texture, tightness, and suction, these pocket pussies are designed to help you last longer during sex — and we put them to the test.
collage image featuring a background image of a photograph of more than a dozen fleshlight products our team tested with an image of product tester justin holding the violet myers ahegao anal fleshlight box with a playful smile on his face while leaning his head against it

The Best Fleshlights According To Our Experts & Their Orgasms

After 150+ hours of cumulative testing, we’ve found the best fleshlights including: best overall, tightest, pornstar, quickshot, clear, mouth and more.
collage image featuring product tester justin holding the autumn falls cream texture fleshlight and box because it is the best fleshlight sleeve, with two inset images of other top picks: violet myers ahegao anal fleshlight and the turbo thrust

The Best Fleshlight Sleeves & Top Textures (Tested & Ranked)

Interchangeable between standardized cases, Fleshlight sleeve inserts offer a variety of textures and sensations to explore no matter what you’re in the mood for!
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