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Women's Health Interactive is an inclusive and passionate team of sex-positive writers and industry professionals who are dedicated to having open, honest, and fearless conversations about sex, sexual health, and relationships. There is no topic "too embarrassing" to talk about head-on — in fact, we dive right in! We advocate for sexual pleasure without shame and through our work, we encourage sexuality as something to be embraced — and celebrated.

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Photograph Of Jojoba Oil Bottle On White Tabletop With Out Of Focus Bedding In Distant Background

Can You Use Jojoba Oil As Lube Or For Anal Sex?

Yes – in most cases, jojoba oil can be a fantastic natural lube alternative as long as you take into consideration a few caveats.
Macro Photograph Of A Perfect Droplet Of Glycerin Resting On Top Of A Soft Liquid Surface

Why Glycerin In Lube Is Not Safe (And Options That Are)

Glycerin is a miracle molecule for lots of products — but shouldn’t be in lube because it can cause issues such as yeast infections and an increased risk of STIs.
Photograph Of Various Contraceptives Including Birth Control Pills, Condoms, IUD, Vaginal Ring, And Morning After Pills Against A Blue Background

How Effective Is Birth Control If My Partner Cums Inside Me?

No birth control method is 100% effective, so the risk of unintended pregnancy if your partner cums inside you depends on several factors.
Aerial Photograph Of Five Glass Beakers And Test Tubes Filled With Clear Solution And Colorful, Plastic Balls

Why Parabens In Lube Are Not Safe (And Options That Are)

Parabens in lube can potentially cause numerous health problems with serious consequences — including endocrine disruption and increased risk of cancer.
Photograph Of Pregnant Woman Sitting On Fluffy Bedding While Lovingly Holding Her Pregnant Belly

Is Lube Safe To Use During Pregnancy – And Options That Are

Is it safe to use lube during pregnancy? Yes — as long as you’re using the right ones and avoiding potentially disruptive ingredients.
Photograph Of Hands Holding Bottle Of Pjur Original Silicone Personal Lubricant Against Pink Background

What Is Lube, What Does It Do And Why Do People Use It For Sex?

Personal lubricants are slippery substances used by men and women to make solo or partnered sexual acts more pleasurable and reduce friction.
Photograph Of Hand Holding Bottle And Box Of Aloe Cadabra Personal Lubricant Displaying Ingredients Panel

Is Lube Safe: Ingredients To Avoid And Everything You Need To Know

Personal lubricants, in general, are perfectly safe to use during their intended sexual activities. That being said, not all lubes are made with safe ingredients.
Split-Screen Image Of Zoë Holding Bottle Of Sliquid Swirl On The Left With A Hand On The Right Holding Fanned Pillow Packets Of All The Flavors

The Best Flavored And Edible Lube: Tested & Reviewed By Our Team

After 100+ hours of research and testing, we’ve found the very best and safest flavored and edible personal lubricants to open up delicious options for oral sex.
Photograph Of Woman Using Massage Gun Against Upper Thigh Toward Groin, Vibrator Concept

Can You Use A Theragun Massager As A Vibrator Or Sex Toy?

Are Theraguns and similar massage guns the new handheld sex toy, and are they safe? Well, they could be – with some imagination and precautions.
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