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Turmeric: The Skinny Spice


  • Turmeric: The Skinny Spice

    Indians commonly use turmeric in almost all of their cooking. It is a spice that can be found in most, if not all kitchens. We all know of its anti-bacterial properties since the ancient times. Even today it is a common ingredient to many homemade remedies used by our grannies.
    Scientists all over the world are researching further miraculous properties of turmeric. One such incredible property is its ability to help burn fat. Turmeric can also help us achieve our weight loss goals easily by incorporating itself into our daily diet.

    Health Benefits of Turmeric
    1. Anti-inflammatory – Turmeric is very helpful in treating swollen body parts due to age or external injury. It will help you ache less and give you relief.
    2. Anti-bacterial – Turmeric acts as a good anti-bacterial agent on cuts or wounds. It gives instant relief when applied to cuts, stops bleeding & relieves pain instantly.
    3. Immune System Booster – regular consumption of turmeric helps strengthen our immune system and fight back diseases more easily. Scientists believe that the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease in India is less because of the amount of turmeric we use in our kitchens on a daily basis.
    4. Lowers Cholesterol – Turmeric can lower cholesterol in patients, thus reducing the prevalence of heart. It can also detoxify the liver and help combat depression.
    Turmeric and Weight Loss

    Turmeric is not commonly known as a fat-burning food flavor. In fact, many of us refuse to believe the properties of this little spice, deeming it too good to be true. Turmeric contains curcumin, it’s what gives it its strong yellow pigment. It works as an anti-inflammatory, and it may assist your body in metabolizing fat thus helping with weight loss. Curcumin increases fat metabolism and has an overall lowering effect on cellulite production and total body weight.

    Turmeric and Belly Fat

    Belly fat is a major concern for 65% of the population today. Most deem it impossible to reduce however, the quick fix lies in our Indian kitchens. Turmeric helps in controlling and reducing belly fat easily and decreases belly fat. With regular practice of good and healthy eating habits, such as eating a large breakfast, mediocre lunch and a sparse dinner and proper exercise, with the right combination of turmeric (2-3grams per day) it can flatten your tummy easily.

    How to incorporate turmeric in your weight loss plan?

    Let’s admit it, the taste of turmeric is well, quite unpleasant. However, we do want the goodness of the spice so here are some yummy ways to incorporate turmeric into your weight loss plan and help you burn those calories faster!
    1. Add turmeric into your curries, dals, vegetables in a larger portion, your hands may come out yellow but the magical benefits will be worth it.
    2. Drink turmeric infused tea. Simmer one teaspoon of turmeric in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Strain the tea and enjoy. You can also add some ginger or a tea bag for additional flavor.
    3. Make turmeric soups. A combination of turmeric, lentils and ginger root can make healthy and delicious turmeric soup.
    4. Add a dash of turmeric to your rice and turn your boring steamed rice into a fancier pilaf.
    5. Make it into a smoothie. Fresh turmeric root can be blended into juices and smoothies with a pinch of ground spice.
    Come on! If anybody has tried this and benefitted by turmeric do mention. Your mentions will motivate others to opt for it.

    Surabhi is an ardent Researcher & Blogger who loves to share her thoughts on Health, Fitness & Beauty Products. Surabhi loves to find out more about Ayurvedic Remedies & share, to benefit readers. Advocates natural Health & beauty care therapies. Follow her on Twitter& Facebook.
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      hi my name is anna senkevich i had a liquid silicone injection 2 years ago,and my nose and lips,now i find out yesterday its killing me,i have no money to have it removed can any one tell me what to do any help,im told its leaking in my brain

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      Turmeric is very helpful in treating swollen body parts due to age or external injury. thanks for sharing information
      for more skin care
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