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5 Outdoor Exercises To Stay Fit This Summer


  • 5 Outdoor Exercises To Stay Fit This Summer

    Summertime provides challenges for women attempting to remain fit and active. Exercise routines such as running or hiking can feel grueling in the sweltering heat, therefore depending on where you live, you may need to think outside the box for your fitness needs. The following are the top five outdoor exercise ideas, keeping women toned and healthy this summer.

    1. Swimming.

    Swimming is one of the best overall exercises, allowing individuals to utilize all the muscles of the body while minimizing stress on the joints. Overweight individuals, pregnant women, or those with health conditions, furthermore find that swimming allows them to exercise freely without unnecessary stress and pain. A local lake, pool, or even the ocean can serve as a backdrop for your workout. Swimming is an exceptional way to cool off and stay in shape during those sticky summer days.

    2. Kayaking.

    Imagine yourself paddling across a lake enjoying the beautiful scenery. During the summer months, kayaking can be an exciting way to take in some breathtaking views at the same time squeezing in a full upper body workout. Boating is especially relaxing at sunrise or sunset, whereas the temps aren't quite so hot.

    3. Water Skiing.

    Getting up on water skis is not a simple task, it requires a lot of physical exertion. However, water skiing is an exceptional way to get fit and stay cool. Nothing beats parting the water as you hang on for dear life, and this wonderful summer sport serves as a full body workout.

    4. Yoga.

    Women all over are getting bitten by the yoga bug. Yoga exercises may appear simple, however, they require oodles of balance, stamina, and strength. Selecting a place on the beach or side of a mountain will provide a nice cool breeze as you take on each pose.

    5. Playground.

    Fitness is especially important for hot moms, who are very likely to find themselves at the playground with the kids during those steamy summer months. Playground fitness has become very popular for moms trying to squeeze in a workout amid the kids play schedule. Moreover, monkey bars can double as gym equipment used for crunches, pull ups, and dips. These three exercises can be completed in just a few minutes for a leaner and healthier you, without sacrificing time with the kids.

    Above are just a few of the ways women just like you are toning and strengthening bodies in the great outdoors this summer. So get out there and be active!
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