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5 Hair Trends To Try Before The Summer Ends!


  • 5 Hair Trends To Try Before The Summer Ends!

    Hairstyles are as varied as the women who wear them. When two women wear the same style, however, each seems to wear it in their own unique way. Selecting a style to wear during the summer months can be a daunting task, however, there are a variety of styles, both long and short that make a statement. Consequently, the following are five of the top hair trends this summer:

    1. Braids. Chopping off locks may be an option for a few women; however, numerous women want to keep their locks long through the summer months. Braids serve as an extremely effective and effortless way to make long hair cooler during the sweltering days of summer. Large braids can be created in only a few brief minutes and can be worn in several different ways to enhance the facial features of the wearer. Begin with a large braid, it can be worn across the shoulder, as a pony tail hung from behind, or even wrapped tightly into a bun and secured atop the head. In addition, smaller braids can be worn for several days without removal.

    2. Short cut. Several fashionistas propose the necessity of chopping locks in the summer heat. While short cuts can be both flattering and freeing, it is not a necessity during the summer months. The ultimate summer looks tend to be the asymmetrical side sweep, sleek asymmetrical bob, or the curly crop. These styles can be fun for those looking for a more dramatic presence for the summer with a smaller mane.

    3. Curls. Pin straight hair serves as a fabulous winter style, but unless a woman has actual straight hair, straightening during the summer months can prove challenging. Wearing locks natural or even getting a perm and wearing it curly can offer a creative solution to the humidity frizz that challenges most women. Working in a frizz resistant product and wearing it natural or curly can allow summer to blow by with ease. Wash and wear hair works great for beach and pool transitions as well.

    4. Ponytails. As long as women have roamed the earth, ponytails have been spotted here, there, and everywhere. Nothing is as simple to wear as a ponytail and these days there are as grand a variety of ponytail styles as there are women, it seems. Enjoy playing with a high horsey style tail, a severely banded look, or even those cute little piggy tails the boys love to tug on.

    5. Buns. The man bun has been the talk of the town, consequently women are sporting more buns too. Buns are a great summer style that creates a stylish, dramatic appearance, and still allows women to release their tresses, whenever she chooses.

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