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Is acne scar removal same as laser skin treatment?

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  • Is acne scar removal same as laser skin treatment?

    Is acne scar removal same as laser skin treatment?

  • Yes and no. Acne scar removal is just a part of Laser skin treatment which is a larger treatment that is aimed at returning the youth to your face. It consists of acne scar repair as well as age control solutions. While acne scar repair aims at letting you free from the scar tissue, age control solutions offer you skin rejuvenation by working on the damaged epidermal layer of your face and reactivate the production of collagen. It facilitates the emergence of new skin.


    • I think that an n-graft procedure would be better and less harmful for your skin anyway. My mom started the procedure a few weeks ago and we already see a huge improvement. You can read an article about the n-graft and its effects
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      • I can't say I know much about this subject, but good advice and information.


        • Sometimes when getting acne scar treatment, you can opt for a laser treatment for the entire face. So, they are not always done together but also are not mutually exclusive.


          • Some acne treatment options are more effective than others. There are lots of factors that can cause cystic acne which means not all treatments will work for everybody. If you a severe case of acne, you should consult with a dermatologist. for most of us, though, all-natural remedies should work just as well.


            • I'd certainly advise a consultation with a dermatologist. He/she will have lots of information at their fingertips. Don't let them pressure you into a proceedure you're not comfortable with, however.

              Do see a dermatologist and go home and think about their advice. Don't feel obligated or pressured by them.

              Anyhow, I do hope I've helped.


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