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Body hair removal

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  • When you consider methods such as electolyis and laser hair removal, you have to remember that hair growth has cycles and periods where some hair follicles are active and some are not. So the active ones, the ones currently growing hair, and the ones these methods target. This is why you have to go back more than once, because the previously dormant ones wake up and begin growing hair.

    That being said, many people I know have had success with Cutera's excel HR laser at their dermatologist's office.
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    • Waxing! Painful, but effective. The only disadvantage is ingrown hairs. But it can be easily solved with a good scrub


      • I don't actually wax myself, but instead I shave. It needs doing more often, but is so-so worth it. I seldom cut myself: I am very careful with a razor. But I would be tempted to wax, if I had the funds. My best friend waxes: this is because she was shaving one day and got a huge cut. Naturally, she never shaved again. Anyhow, waxing is the way forward.


        • I used an epilator years ago and gave it up. I just got a new one to try again. Been putting it off because I know it's painful, and I am not good at inflicting pain on myself. But I will be testing it out again soon.


          • I just removed my hair over my whole body last night using Hair No More. The cream worked just like it's supposed to, but the process itself is aggravating.

            If you do small sections at a time, be patient, and let the cream sit long enough, the hair comes off completely and easily.


            • Using hair removing cream is a good idea: razors can be lethal.


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