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what's your view about luxuries?

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  • what's your view about luxuries?

    Dear all,I'd like tou know your view about what we called luxuries.
    Do you have any luxuries?Do you always buy some over-expensive things?
    Such as Gucci,LV,ED-HARD.......

    What's your view about?Can bring appreciate from others? Or just because you can offer it?

    Thank you for reply...

  • Also can say something about the replicas,you know now fake bags are widely made and used, what's your opinion?


    • I like pretty things but find the conspicuous consumption items to be a reflection of an ego problem. Anyone who thinks they need $1000 jeans or $5000 purses has got some serious concerns that go beyond a desire to look good. In the same category with the guy who works in an office and lives in a condo driving a 3/4 ton truck. Completely irrational and a waste of resources.


      • i agree with you WC, and i think replicas are just sad. they are just so wannabee. if i have actually have money to buy something i prefer to support original local designers, not try to impress people by using tacky knock offs!!!


        • I know most of you hate replica...But ladies,replica not means tacky.Some of them are really high quality & with great attention paid to detailing.


          • luxuries? yep i like them coz of their design and quality.
            but i cannot afford them now.


            • Hi all,

              oh luxuries are great. Can't do without them, really. Can't afford most of them either, but sometimes I allow myself to be really really posh. However, I prefer luxuries with a purpose, like watches. I mean everybody owns a watch, but it makes a difference if you have a luxury watch, and they are really reliable and once you have them, they are forever.


              • Do you have any luxuries?

                Yes...My jewelry which is custom made by a local jeweler, and my yearly vacations.

                My jewelry is expensive, but they are one of a kind and made very well.
                Vacations can be over expensive, but I am pretty good with traveling so I know where to save and where to splurge.
                I am impelled, not to squeak like a grateful and apologetic mouse, but to roar like a lion out of pride in my profession.
                John Steinbeck

                I'm a Leo, RAWR! Sun/moon/asc/venus- 1st house.


                • Nope. The only "name brand" stuff I buy is at Goodwill. I got a coach purse for $3, but I didn't even realize what it was until I got home... so I don't know if that counts. lol My jewelry is made by my father (or his friends), but I also get that at cost, so what would other wise be ungodly expensive is more easily affordable (mark-up on jewelry is about 3x cost, and then labor). I have the things I need/want, I don't really see the need to spend lots of money in the process.


                  • I own a couple of luxury watches, but I have to admit that I didn't have to buy them..all heirlooms. Still, I'd like to have more of them in order to complete certain collections. Some chronographs are real rarities, too.


                    • Luxuries are okay as long as you can afford them without damaging your credit card


                      • Originally posted by fernia001 View Post
                        Luxuries are okay as long as you can afford them without damaging your credit card
                        I guess that's why I don't have luxuries... I don't have a credit card.


                        • I see them as pointless. A mortgage payment or a purse that people will believe is fake even if it is not because of the popular opinion "who would spend that much on a bag?!?".
                          There are those who believe that dictionaries should not merely reflect the times but also protect English from the mindless assaults of the trendy.


                          • I say if you can afford it, go for it.

                            Unfortunately, people who spend money on these sorts of things are not typically the small percentage of wealthy who can actually afford to spend their money so flippantly.


                            • even though I like luxuries, I think there is some truth in the saying that "in the future, people who need only a few things, will enjoy their lives the most" (it's might be an awkward translation, since it's from a German friend). After all, people should make their personalities luxuries - rather than their cars, or clothes. That's what it means to me.


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