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How can I wear these shoes? [pics of shoes inside]

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  • How can I wear these shoes? [pics of shoes inside]


    So, I bought these shoes like three-or-so months ago and have not worn them yet. The major reason for that is because I actually don't think I know how to wear them. I did not realize that I'd have a challenge wearing navy blue colored shoes (the third pic is with a flash so you can better grasp its color). Usually before I buy something I ask myself how I'd wear it. I am not so sure I did that with these shoes. I think that hint of neon green compelled me to buy the shoes (the shoes also came with replacement laces in a neon green color to match the band of green at the base of the shoe).

    Anyway... These are called oxfords I guess. I just don't know how to wear them. I don't think these could be worn with a really nice blue jeans because there would not be enough contrast in color. I have a guess as to what kind of pants I could wear with these shoes and the color it should be, but I wanted to hear your thoughts.

    For what it's worth, my GF has a great fashion sense (I honestly think she is subscribed to like every fashion channel on YouTube), but even she wasn't much help. I believe I asked her opinion on it twice a long while ago and I remember not getting a concrete answer (she usually gives concrete answers).

    What does everyone else think? Do you know how they could be worn? Would it be better with the green laces (I think that'd be too much green)? Was getting these shoes a bad idea?

    [B]"Are you serious? You're [i]bleeping[/I] THAT girl?"[/B][B] - [COLOR="#B22222"]jen1447[/COLOR][/B]

  • If you're having difficulty wearing them & feeling "right" about the way they look & fit in with your style, maybe returning them is the best idea. I am hardly the resident fashionista, but I do like the shoes.
    I think these take a certain look to pull off-they aren't exactly "go-with-anything" shoes. I could see them with a pair of slim-fitting khaki pants or even shorts if it's the right fit, with a plaid (soft hues)shirt, even a vest in navy or the green in a shade or 2 darker than that shoe trim. I think of these as a sort of "nerdy" shoe with some hip, stylish sophistication to it. Just be careful with the sock choice here too.
    I think whatever it is, needs to have a sort of tailored look about it, nothing baggie or flowing, like those white linen pants from earlier this year
    Good to see you in here kiddo!


    • I can see the blue ones with tan tailored jean style pants and I wouldn't use green laces, the green on the bottom is enough, jeans or black straight length pants, these have to go with "straight" legs (hehe) just in case you saw something else in that message which was not there.


      • Thanks for the responses (great to be back)! Incase you guys could not tell from the pics, the shoes are suede.

        Anyway, I think Kitty nailed it (except for the shorts; I can't picture shorts going with these shoes :P). For the kahki pants, I was thinking a color that was not exactly white, but a light color (a color that was almost approaching white). Were you envisioning a more traditionally colored khaki pant? To be honest, once I read "plaid shirt with a soft hue," I had a vision of what the looking was going to be for the shoes. I just needed some inspiration and/or a starting point!

        Excited about my vision, I went to the mall today and found the perfect shirt for the shoes. I would have perfered it to have a little softer hue to it, but it's a plaid shirt that has just a slight hint of green to it that is not as bright or pronounced (can't think of a better word) as the green on the shoe. I'd take a picture but it's past midnight and I am tired. It's a slim fit shirt that is also tailored (which gives it a really fitted look). Definitely not baggy like the linen pants (I ended up getting a second pair of those pants because I loved them so much).

        CW, not sure I can picture these shoes going with dark colored pants. Maybe jeans if it's the right color (lighter color perhaps).

        It's funny because the GF and I had a double date tonight (which went AMAZINGLY well) and I thought that I'd wear the shoes pictured above; however, when I got back from the mall I wore something completely different.
        [B]"Are you serious? You're [i]bleeping[/I] THAT girl?"[/B][B] - [COLOR="#B22222"]jen1447[/COLOR][/B]


        • No. Actually I should have clarified I was thinking of the color they sometimes call "stone" or "clay". It's just a few shades darker than white, yes. Sometimes it has a grey feel to it too.


          • Stone/clay is the color I was visualizing! That's what I meant by "approaching white, but not white."

            Good to know who the resident fashionista is
            [B]"Are you serious? You're [i]bleeping[/I] THAT girl?"[/B][B] - [COLOR="#B22222"]jen1447[/COLOR][/B]


            • Ha! I know better how to dress men than I do myself.


              • Kitty, when I started this topic I had my fingers crossed that you'd respond (no offense CW!). I sort of knew you'd figure it out. Not sure why I thought that. I went back to the linen pants thread to see if there was something you said there that'd make me think you're a fashionista, but nope nothing.

                Anyway, glad it's all figured out now.
                [B]"Are you serious? You're [i]bleeping[/I] THAT girl?"[/B][B] - [COLOR="#B22222"]jen1447[/COLOR][/B]


                • I wasn't paying attention to who posted and assumed it was a woman due to the topic (sorry) nearly got as far as...well if you're unsure then take them back because for women's shoes they are quite ugly and green laces? Good lord!...then I paid attention and figured they'd look quite good on a man with either stonewashed jeans or trousers somewhere between cream and khaki. For the love of all gods don't wear these with shorts or a skirt. Or if you do, be sure to team with white socks for added cringing.
                  Don't use the green laces unless you are going to an 80s themed party. Even then only with black trousers.

                  PS I'm a shoe fascist so don't take this personally.
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                  a young woman who does this
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                  has everything....”
                  ― Francesca Lia Block, How to (Un)cage a Girl


                  • Thx - I'm flattered


                    • Did not plan on using the neon green laces Calibri. That'd be overkill. I especially do not plan to wear the shoes with a skirt!

                      I'm actually really glad that I'll be able to come here to get some sound fashion advice when I need it. I don't anticipate that I'll need any additional fashion anytime soon though.
                      [B]"Are you serious? You're [i]bleeping[/I] THAT girl?"[/B][B] - [COLOR="#B22222"]jen1447[/COLOR][/B]


                      • Do you know honestly? I saw light tan and have no idea why I wrote black, I think that was because I was glancing at the colour of the shoes and working 12hrs a day at present will do that to you

                        No offence taken, I'm a fashionist of houses for a living and women's clothes, seem to work well with me in my shop and advice, I can't be everything now can I
                        PUT A LITTLE 'LIKE' IN MY SOUL!


                        • I'm disappointed SA, that you won't be needing any fashion soon! I imagine as fall comes in & my lack of identity continues, I'll be here again asking advice. Fall & Winter clothes are the hardest for dressing fashionably for me.


                          • CW, I still totally value your fashion advice. If I have more questions, I'd love to hear from you.

                            Kitty, I feel like I will be set for fall. Plus, I am having surgery on my ankle on October 30th which will put me out for like 7 weeks or so. For the first two week I won't be able to put weight on my ankle, and after that I will be wearing a large boot. Who cares about fashion when you're wearing a large boot!

                            I don't know what the boot will look like. Is it going to just mean I wear one less shoe? Or is it going to keep me from also wearing certain pants (because of its bulkiness). Though in reality, clothes are going to be my smallest worry post surgery.
                            [B]"Are you serious? You're [i]bleeping[/I] THAT girl?"[/B][B] - [COLOR="#B22222"]jen1447[/COLOR][/B]


                            • Ah, I see. Brings back a memory of the Cosby Show. Bet you can YouTube it, when the stylish Claire has to wear a boot, but she makes it fashionable, decorated it.

                              Anyway, I imagine this "boot" will be rather inhibiting fashionably post-op. Usually they're some horrible-looking black thing with velcro closures or it could be more rigid. Depending on the type, obviously, i have seen some people simple fold up their pants legs if the boot is a taller one. Others I've seen pull the leg over it so it's less noticed. Depends on several factors, but you're right, really isn't important to recovery. Others alter their pant length on the affected side, for more long term issues.


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