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Colours and stripes

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  • Colours and stripes

    Hi, sorry if this question has been asked before.
    Are certain colours slimming/fattening? Or is it the cut of the clothes?
    And are stripes fattening?
    I like wearing stripes (usually on t shirts), and I would like some striped leggings (all mine so far are plain). However, when I mentioned striped leggings, my mum said stripes make you look bigger. Do they? I know she wouldn't have been being horrid or anything, I'm just wondering. If it is true, if there anyway they won't do that? Like the thickness of the stripe for example?
    Also, another time, my brother came in wearing all black (a pair of narrow legged black jeans and a black slim fit t shirt), and it made him look really thin! He is thin anyway, but I was told the dark colours made him look thinner, and if he had worn white or a lighter colour, he wouldn't have looked as thin. Is this true?
    Sorry that ended up so long! :-o

  • Hi TimelyRain.

    Must depends on your shape, not so much your weight. Some things don't suit short people for instance, such as longer dresses.

    Dark colours especially black is renowned to make anyone look slimmer regardless so I believe that to be true.

    The cut of the clothes would be my thought straight away, if it's baggy it is not going to show your figure however, if your legs are slim, tights with a baggy top go well.

    Can you describe your height and shape?


    • Use of color & prints is a good way to draw the eye where you want it. I like stripes too, but honestly, I think striped leggings look good on no body shape or size. If you really like them tho, choose a more narrow stripe.

      Generally I think monochromatic dressing is more slimming, whether it's black or white. All one tone tends to keep things from getting "messy" and looking too busy, whether it's all navy, black or all white/sandy colors. Huge contrasts in colors can be harsh.
      Now, don't get me wrong, I love bright colors with black or navy blue, but it has to be chosen carefully.

      I am not a believer that oversized, flowing items makes one look slimmer. I think it adds volume & often makes us look more full in areas we'd rather not draw attention.
      I think the key is finding what looks good on your body & what makes you feel good when you look in the mirror. I think the same outfit can look very different on 2 people, even with similar body shapes...hair, makeup & the general way we carry ourselves is as much a part of that outfit as the clothing.


      • Well my girls enjoy wearing anything tight but they do have the figures to make them look really good. I guess that's why they may get guys checking them out more then they want. I keep telling them you dress like that guys will look it's only natural that they do.
        When out driving always turn left. Then, should you become lost, you can find your way home by reversing the procedure and always turning right.


        • Hi,
          I am somewhat short in height, at just under 5'2.
          I don't know the correct term for my shape, so I'll try and describe it. I am medium boned and I am kind of chubby, especially on my thighs, which I consider the worst part of me. My body is shaped a bit like an egg timer, though my waist is larger than it should be for a girl.
          Hope that helps.


          • I Think it's fine for you to wear stripped leg in's. But, I would team that up perhaps with a semi long baggy black top.

            Being 5ft 2 it's difficult as what ever small amount of weight you may carry feels bigger. Where as a tall person can carry it.

            I do think that with stripes usually there is white involved and that can show any excess weight where as black tends to hide it. Hence my suggestion of a baggy semi long top, as it will make you look and feel slimmer as all you will see from your tights are legs from above the knee..

            Go for it, it's your life, your body embrace it and where what you want.


            • Thanks :-)
              I am kind of overweight, that's why I wondered in the first place. I don't want to look bigger than I am.


              • I love long Stripes ,
                they make anyone look Longer Taller and avoid horizontal ones , they make look bigger bulkier


                • Aww, horizontal stripes is what I meant! Vertical stripes always remind me of pyjamas.


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