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changing our look

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  • changing our look

    I have posted before about dressing age appropriate, and have struggled with it for years.
    awhile back I decided it's ridiculous. I am a beautiful 44 yr old woman and I will wear what I want.

    Now mind you, I am not sporting crop tops and short shorts. I decided before Christmas that I wanted a pair of jeans with holes in them. Not my usual style at all.
    So I found a pair that I love, without holes in the butt or otherwise inappropriate areas, and I rock them. Decided the badass look works for me, and treated myself to a short, black sassy leather jacket too. lol. I'm having fun with the look. having fun with fashion and wish I'd not spent a moment concerned with it.

    Have you ever challenged your look?

  • I try...........but I'm not good at it. LOL! My mom, who is 67 has a better perception of what looks good on me than I do. She buys me clothes that I would never buy for myself but that end up looking really nice on me. I wish that I had a better fashion sense.

    I'm imagining the holey jeans and leather jacket. I bet you seriously rocked that!!!!!
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • when people feel confident with what they wear, it really shows so awesome for trying new fashion!


      • This is my favorite poem..... Such a nice one... Love it....!!

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        • I read a lot of fashion magazines, so I should know what fashions suit me, but I don't always know. I am definitely into trousers. I bought a gorgeous pair of pastel pink cotton trousers. I do love them. I would like to buy a pair of white linen trousers and a pair of black leather trousers. I am fine on the tops front: it's just the bottom parts that I need help with!


          • I always prefer what I am, and natural look always works for me. there are no need of change or look in the mirror to care.


            • My mom is 55 this year and she rocks weathered jeans and black motorcycle jacket. She doesn't care what people would say, she just wants to feel and look cool!


              • Fashion has no age! but of course, there are certain things that we can wear at any age and there are others that would look awful on us


                • I do think fashion should be enjoyed, rather than feared. Clothes are a person's self esteem, their pride, their personal style and their personality. Fashion is also an individual choice. Some people hide behind black, baggy clothes or wear jeans daily. But there are so many looks to choose from. Shoes should also be enjoyed. I wear low heels and have started to wear my smarter heels more regularly now. I love fashion these days and would happily buy anything I wanted - and wear it - if I had the funds.


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