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flat shoes.

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  • flat shoes.

    I typically wear heels, but I bought some flats recently. Wore a pair today. Feels odd.

    What is your shoe preference?

  • prefer nonheel shoes but do have one pair for special occasions that has heels but not very high

    don't know if you ever wore them, the shoes where your heel was lower than the rest of the shoe
    they were the most comfortable shoe I ever wore, although my current walking shoes are pretty comfortable


    • I have worn heels and will wear heels to a fancy party. I have these blue velvet high heels, which are gorgeous. I haven't had the chance to wear them yet but I will. I love a kitten heel and court shoes. I find it difficult to walk down the street in high heels, though and will only wear heels to parties and fancy events where I am being driven to. I definitely love shoes, although I stick to flats when walking around. I'd love to be able to wear heels all the time.


      • I hadn't thought about how unusual it was to prefer heels. I don't mean I'm always in stilettos, but even my sandals I prefer to have at least 2 inches. I had a couple flats for warm weather, but usually wouldn't wear them.

        I think they look better and usually found them to be more supportive and comfortable.

        The pair I wore yesterday, needs to be broken in I guess. They have little arch support, but they fit Fairly well. Gonna take some getting used to!


        • I like both. I know heels are hard on my lower back. And hard on my feet. But I do like to spiff up and wear them now and then.
          "Be what you're looking for."


          • I love wearing heels. Flats is more comfortable and wearing flats could also fashionable, it is up to you on how your wear it and pair with a clothes.


            • I did wear my gorgeous black heels out with friends the other night: they are very stylish, fashionable shoes. I have also bought and worn low wedge shoes. The design is white and blue flowers with a straw heel. I absolutely LOVE those shoes. I wear very nice shoes these days. I love looking glamorous and attractive.


              • I don't usually wear stiletto heels, I'd rather wear something with more chunky heel. But if I went somewhere in fancy dress, I would never wear flats.


                • The great thing about being a woman is shoes! I do love wedges. Shoes are what make a woman.


                  • I love shoes.
                    All sorts of styles.
                    Flats, heels, wedges...
                    preference is probably to my TB flats though. So comfortable.


                    • I watched a shopping channel on TV yesterday and they were selling the most beautiful shoes! The flats were stylish and not granny-like at all. Shoes make the person.


                      • Not a big fan of wedges. Just not crazy about the look.


                        • I prefer flat slippers, else my legs hurt.
                          The only time I've worn 3 inch long heels was during my wedding reception.


                          • Woman loves shoes.


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