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Where can I find skin tight ankle booties?

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  • Where can I find skin tight ankle booties?

    I like to cuff my jeans and I'm looking for a pair of ankle booties that will look good for this. I don't want cheap $30 boots but I can't pay anything more than $200 either. Any store recommendations?

  • Forgot to mention I want a 1" or less heel. TIA.


    • You can go to see OurMall, beautiful clothes, all-match shoes, etc, let you surprise price, recently my friend and I joined the OurMall group shopping, bought a dress skirt, ha ha, very suitable for me, come on.
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      • You could google ankle booties in images and click on the booties that catch your eye. If you right click, you can purchase said booties. I found out you could do this recently. I'm sure you've got a credit card and plus you get to choose from hundreds of boots and shoes. Definitely google booties. I do hope I've helped!


        • Thanks for the info! Definetely going to try it.


          • I'm glad to help!


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