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Mens jogging trousers - sweat pants

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  • Mens jogging trousers - sweat pants

    I have a grey pair of CK sweat pants that I generally lounge in. This morning I went to the gym and a guy in the locker room made a comment about my bulge being viable. I had never thought about it before but it concerned me slightly.

    Is this seen as vulgar or off putting? Maybe sexy in certain situations?

    Thoughts people

  • I'd suggest staying away from him if his only concern is what you have in your pants. Just my thought, but I wouldn't necessarily think men would mention this about another guy.
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    • Yeah, that's super weird, actually. I would never approach a woman in the locker room and be like "hey, your camel toe is visible."

      I would chalk it up as an inappropriate comment from a weird person and not think another thing about it.
      "Be what you're looking for."


      • I think you are right Ashlee. I felt really self conscious afterwards that i just kept my work out shorts on when leaving the gym. I think he was just making a joke but I didn't find it funny at all and made me kinda embarrassed but mostly worried about others perception, which angered me.

        Im sure i over thought the situation because it's never something I've even thought about before.

        Thanks for the reassurance!


        • While taking photographs of a band, I once took a photo of a lead singer that seemed to have a bulge in it. It turned out to be one of my best shots, so I put it on social media after a bit of judicious cropping. Not trying to embarrass the guy even though his song lyrics are somewhat explicit.
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          • I could understand that but I was more concerned with not trying to look like a perv because it was not the look or attention i was trying to achieve.


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