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  • Tattoos

    Does a tattoo make a man look more tough? I think it makes a woman look sexy. What makes some tattoos nice and some ugly?
    Last edited by acerousme; 10-31-2009, 05:25 AM. Reason: lewed oppinion

  • Personally I do think that tattoos make a man look a bit more rough, depending on what it is. I mean if its a heart with wings that says 'mama' it doesn't really add to a bad boy image haha.
    In my opinion ugly tattoos are the ones that are not well done.
    You're called a tattoo artist for a reason, tatoing is an art.
    Blotchy lines, uneven lines, colors that don't match all add to the 'hmm, no..not that nice'


    • agreed Aubrey!!!

      I love tattoos...and if they are nicely done...its amazing!
      The children almost broken by the world become the adults most likely to change it


      • I don't like tattoos. Call me old-fashioned.


        • I love them, hubby hates them. I have one and it means a lot to me.

          However, I will admit, I'm a little mixed. I think they look great on guys, on women, eh, it really has to be one that appeals to me.


          • Originally posted by Mes_T View Post
            I don't like tattoos. Call me old-fashioned.
            ok mes t..you are old fashioned..i don't like them either on a man or woman..

            the poster above you just got one on her "chest area"..she thinks it is totally cool but no one has the nads to tell her that it was spelled backwards..(see photo)
            [I]a smart man learns from his mistakes..a wise man learns from the mistakes of others..[/I]


            • I know it takes you a while to type, but just to clarify for everyone else, that wasn't me, it was Ace.


              • lol - okay nevermind, I read wrong, you were right. Oops.


                • [QUOTE=LanaBear;125186]lol - okay nevermind, I read wrong, you were right. Oops.[/QUOTE]

                  yippee..you just made my day..i high lited somewhat in case it got missed..
                  [I]a smart man learns from his mistakes..a wise man learns from the mistakes of others..[/I]


                  • HAHA - I know! Apologies are given too often here because we are all ornery. But I had to give back! I got one from OTYA today that made my day!


                    • I very secretly have a thing for 'edgy things' on pretty girls but to a moderation, not more than three facial piercings with studs that are too obvious etc.

                      One of my favorite pictures of said subject is a picture of a girl in a dress with a few facial piercings, a chestpiece, and i think two large tattoos on her arms.
                      She quite obviously has dyed hair but a really cute baby face.
                      I don't know, I think it evens eachother out and it stays beautiful.

                      I dont mean to imply that people that don't appeal to me shouldnt get piercings or tattoos though.
                      It's just my take on it


                      • Originally posted by Gavin View Post
                        Does a tattoo make a man look more tough? I think it makes a woman look sexy. What makes some tattoos nice and some ugly?
                        Personally, I think a man in a double-breasted suit or a Marines uniform is super ridiculous sexy. As for a woman with a tatoo, I think it's sexy depending on where the tat is and as long as it isn't on a big roll of flabby skin that looks like ground turkey like my cousin. Ahem, that my friends is nas-teee on every level.
                        Since my mother recently passed away, I'm thinking of getting one with the nick-name I called her "Lou-Lou" with a rose a rose intertwined in the text and a, well, I don't want to give away my memorial design for this ink or I'll be so angry if someone across the country goes and get's the same tat.


                        • I think tattoos on men are pretty sexy, but only if well-placed and in good taste. I love the one my man has on his shoulder and it's just a simple tribal art. I like them on women too, but am more picky than with men on where and what. I have a small one on my shoulder blade that I love, 2 Japanese kanji.


                          • i like men that have tats. to me it makes the "bad boy" image a little edgier. but i prefer tastefully placed and tribals. piercings are cool too.

                            but i plan on getting tats and piercings, its all personal preference.


                            • Personally,I love both tattoos and piercings.But I also am not too fond of too many of each.It gives the guys,that 'Bad Boy' image,wich I tend too fall for that type.maybe a few tattoos,or a few piercings,just not full sleeves or a full face or studs.

                              I like peircings on myself,but I know when enough is enough.Really its all just personal reference.Not everyone will agree,but that's just my opinion.


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