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  • I like tattoos on guys and gals, as long as they're original and done well. I have one on the inside of my left wrist. It's very simple, in Latin and means a lot to me.

    I'm not really an advocate of the tramp stamp though, or anything on the chest or stomach on a woman. What do you say to your grandchild when they ask why grandma has "Delicious" tattooed on her lower back?


    • I am having one removed as I am not the pot smoking hippy I once was. £800+ and more pain everytime than when I had id done and it still hasnt gone!!


      • Depends of the tattoo (man with flower or something really stupid can't look tough), besides this I think some men can't look tough no matter what tattoo they have , though I like tattoos and have a big one on my back


        • My opinion it all depends on the tattoo you get...some can make you look though while others make you look..well...dumb...for example your last name...thats my opinion...and as for girls if they pick the right place and the right design i think they look sexy...ive been thinking about gettin one myself but im too scared of the pain ...however like with guys the wrong the design in the wrong place can just make a girl look trashy...i think its something that really needs to be thought into because you are pretty much stuck with that for a while...i think its good when the tattoo has a meaning and you're able to explain the significance of your tattoo...thats just me...


          • My Fiance has 2 tattoos and I must say I get turned on by them. He wants to get a few more too.
            I don't have any but I want to get one on the back of my neck. Just a small one that is. I don't know how well that will work since I am afraid of needles. lol.


            • It most certainly is a personal preference. To me, it's not so much the tatoo itself, it's the type of art associated with it.

              My son has about 4 tattoos too many but he likes them. None are of the dark Gothic variety so that doesn't bother me as much.

              I did date one lady who's tatoos were of that nature which really didn't excite me all that much. In fact, I thought it as more a turn off than anything. Another lady I dated had a small rose on her shoulder which needless to say had the opposite effect.

              It really is nothing more than personal preferences.


              • i have one of a shamrock and i love it. Hubby doesn't care what it looks like. I have to keep it hidden from my family though! if anyone wants to see it my myspace is **removed outbound link**
                Last edited by LanaBear; 02-04-2010, 10:26 AM. Reason: Removed outbound link
                Life's a dance you learn as you go


                • One of the problem w/ tats or piercings is stopping once you get started. Like potato chips - ya can't stop at just one!

                  On other folks, I neither hate them nor love them. My best 'friend w/benifits' has lots of ink, most of it well done, interesting and colorful. But I love her for her heart, not the tats.

                  For myself - I have enough scars and skin marks and holes already, don't plan to volunteer for more.


                  • i only got one i tried posting it on here but i couldn't
                    Life's a dance you learn as you go


                    • I removed the link because it didn't work. You can upload the photo to your album on your WH profile and link it from there.


                      • i think tats on a man is sexy and a big turn on. as long as its not stupid like teh girls said . un even lines badly mixed colors. botched. but my hubby has from his collar bone to his elbow its a dragon and its nice i love it he also has our sons names on his other side witha cross and the name of his family member who has deceased/. sweet i think. mine is a fairy on a mushroom elegantly sitting. wings expanded. my other two is one of a rose i drew and my nickname.. on my hip bone tacky ones i think are like big barbed wire on women sleeves on women face tatoos on women and breast tats yucky


                        • I really think that tattoos, just like piercings, depend on the person and location.
                          I hate those generic tattoos that you've seen a million times before and I'm slowly growing tired of belly-bars - having taken my own out about 2 years ago!!

                          If a man has a rough attitude, a tattoo can add to this (obviously depending on the tattoo in question)

                          I also think a well placed, well designed and well executed tattoo on a woman can look attractive. I personally have an 'M' on the side of my left breast ( for personal reasons) I know that this is mine and mine only as nobody will have gotten it for the same reason.
                          I'm a big believer in unique (or almost, seeing as unique may be wishful thinking) tattoos that carry meaning for the wearer. Half the fun is deciding the what and where


                          • HAHA!! What a silly question It's all about preferences. I know SOOO many people who think tats distract from the inherent beauty that everyone has. That's what my dad thinks. :P Me personally, I don't think they make anyone look "tough" per se...they aren't all that painful. I enjoy them for just that reason, the adrenaline fun of getting them done. and having to care for them. Many people do think they make people look tough just because it is painful. I think it depens ALL on the placement, the ART, the INTENT, and the QUALITY.


                            • Originally posted by p3375 View Post
                              One of the problem w/ tats or piercings is stopping once you get started. Like potato chips - ya can't stop at just one!

                              HAHA! no kidding, ABSOLUTELY addicting. Expensive habit though...


                              • tatto is okay, but don't too much.


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