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  • Originally posted by p3375 View Post
    One of the problem w/ tats or piercings is stopping once you get started. Like potato chips - ya can't stop at just one!
    That's very very true!! I even had that problem Once i got my ears done,3 months later,i got my nose done,then i wanted my lip pierced,then my eyebrow,but was only allowed to get my ears done a second time according to my parents.I wanted every piercing you can think of. lol Now i only want 2 more piercings,after realizing that i wouldnt look good with the lip,eyebrow,ect piercings.Plus,many men find too many piercings a huge turn off.

    My piercings are small and petite,but once i got one,i wanted many many more! lol Didn't matter the pain,i would gladly go through it for a new piercing. I have 3 piercings,but that number wont be going up for a while. lmao


    • I'm afraid with needles so I don't think I would ever had a tatoo but I do admire people who had lovely tatoos not the scary ones .. I had my ear pierced when I was 12 though and no more...


      • Originally posted by mommyJ View Post
        I'm afraid with needles so I don't think I would ever had a tatoo but I do admire people who had lovely tatoos not the scary ones .. I had my ear pierced when I was 12 though and no more...
        Thats what i said about piercings,til i got one done,and realized the pain is worth it!


        • I'm afraid with needles so I don't think I would ever had a tatoo but I do admire people who had lovely tatoos not the scary ones....also need a best design


          • Tattoos are almost a personal thing to me, I want one... but I want it to mean something, I don't ever want to look back and thing "Gee... that was a stupid idea...." I want to look at it and be reminded of something close to my heart.

            Now my bf, has three tattoos, two of them I don't mind, one of them, it feels like he just got it cause it was cheap, and that irks me to no end, it has no meaning, no value, just a blob of ink in his skin. It's not even decent in my opinion, it's just another girl, I mean, really, how many guys have tattoos of girls? >.> His other two are of a wolf and the hylian crest from Zelda, yes uber, uber dorkish there, but it's my favorite of his three, and he doesn't just like Zelda, he's a little obsessed. He's got like three copies of the N64 Ocarina of time, all the game slots filled up.

            Now, me personally I'd never get a game, or some character on me. I've considered a dragon, or a fish, a dragon because it represents my brother, whom I love very very much, a fish because I swear I'm part fish. XD I love the water.
            When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
            ~Sri Chimnoy Ghose


            • I love tattoos and think they look great on men and women, provided they are not covered head to toe that is not really to my tatse xx


              • I like tattoos.... To me personally I think what makes some tattoo's nice and some tat's ugly is several things...
                1. Was it good tat work or was it a homemade tat that looks homemade
                2. Placement of the tat
                3. What the tat is of
                I like tats but it drives me nuts to see people that have tats on their foreheads or their face is covered with them. One other thing I don't like too much is a person having too many tats that are too close together but don't go with each other... know what I mean? I have seen people with sleeves and the ones that have a flow about them as far as the art work goes is cool... but the ones that look like random art work bunched up together.... just looks like a clutter to me and I think takes away from the beauty of the artwork. Does that make any sense?


                • I really like tattoos on both men and women but only if they are done well. I hate tattoos that are somewhat childish and poorly done. I'm very picky about tattoos I suppose you could say.
                  I just recently got my first tattoo about 2 months ago of an egyptian ankh on the side of my right calf. It represents (in egyptian) eternal life. Mine is a lot more feminine than what you will find when you look up Ankh on google and it was a custom design so it's unique to me. My fiance has a tattoo as well but his is a bit older. He's had his for about 3 years now. He got to sort of memorialize his dad even though his dad is still around. He got a flaming tribal ace on his upper arm. It looks extremely sexy on him and he wants more but just can't decide what or where to put it. I, on the other hand, am already planning tattoo number 2, 3 and maybe 4 lol Yes I have become addicted to how they look and oddly enough, the pain you go through to get that piece on your body. All of my tattoos will have meanings, I don't want some random piece on my body that means nothing in particular. Like I said though, tattoos that are done well with good lines and shading or color look the best on both men and women. Here are pics of both mine and my fiance's tattoos.


                  • I agree with most other post in that whatever you enjoy... go for it. Tasteful, and can be covered is a must for me though. I have a moonflower right below my clavicle on my right side, outside is deep red then changes to fire orange and yellow in the middle
                    I enjoy all of my boyfriends tattoo's especially the ones on his arms. Tattoo's AND muscles.... mmmm yummy...
                    only one I don't like is the one over his heart with his ex's name... he'd like to get that one covered.

                    I also think they need to be well thought out... took me about a year to find something I liked then I put it on my bathroom mirror and looked at it everyday for 4 years until I really decided that it was what I wanted. That being said I could never put any name on my body, if you are that important to me I'll find something that represents you and my love for you.
                    Life is all about how you handle plan B....

                    Plan A is always my 1st choice. You know, the one where things work out to be "happily ever after". More often than not, I find myself dealing with the inside-out version where nothing goes as it should. It's at this point the real test of my character comes in...Do I sink or do I swim? Do I wallow in self-pity, or simply shift gears and make the best of the situation? The choice is mine. After all...it's all about how you handle plan B.


                    • I want to get several and i like tats in general.. but i abhor tramp stamps and really butch looking tats on girls arms.... i want a quill around my ankle because im a writer and i would love a skull and crossbones somewhere, but that one is more for looks so im not as sure about that one... my boyfriend, if he decides to get it, wants a torso tattoo on his front - not like a "sleeve", but on his front pretty much... it would be the cover art for his favourite band and album of all time, with personal touches.

                      yay tattoos!
                      Screw You Cheese & Chocolate! >.<


                      • This is my most recent - what do you think?

                        ...and yes, I agree they are definately addictive!


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