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How do you care for your hair?

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  • How do you care for your hair?

    I try to get hot oils. I'm addicted to conditioners. That was one of my biggest addictions. I can't just use one. I have to have a lot. And I get really irritated when I'm at somebody else's house and they don't have conditioner! But now I stick to one coz it's superb after trying a lot of hair conditioner Hair from revitalash is the only one I trust after switching from one brand to another. How about yours?

  • I use one in a purple bottle, I think its called Aussie.
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    • Care for hair,before a wash your hair do oiling and then wash,use a natural product,in a week 2-3 time wash your hair,not daily wash your hair it be rough,and do oiling and massage to it really a good for a hair,your hair be a thick and silky use a good shampoo,conditioner,this will help you.
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      • I'm conditioner obsessed too. I shampoo every other day and condition every day with herbal essence for dyed hair (even though my hair isn't dyed). I do herbal essence 3 minute deep conditioner twice a week. After every shower I put in Infusium leave in conditioner (just so I can put a comb through my hair). I have very thick, very curly, and very fast growing hair. I donate it to locks of love once a year and they always compliment how healthy my hair is for its length so I guess the excessive conditioning works for me!


        • I actually shampoo and condition my hair every day.
          Shampoo wise I just use Suave, nothing in particular. Currently for Conditioner I use Tresseme for Moisture. I leave it in for a few minutes and then wash it out.


          • I have to shampoo my hair every day, if I don't it gets super oily. I have baby fine blonde hair that is straight as a stick. Have to keep it short also because it's very thin also. I use Panteen for fine hair shampoo and conditioner. It helps give me an extra umph so my hair isn't so flat.


            • hair are the most beautiful part for for girls.
              so before hair wash use the hair oil.
              and use the good products like sampoo and conditioners.


              • I dont wash my hair every day - i wash it every other day - this allows for the natural oils to come out (which is much better than using shampoos/conditioners)

                then i use tigi bead head - the brand is amazing and for the conditioner i use herbal essence.

                It is also good to use hair masque on a weekly basis.


                • i think the best way to care for your skin is to use the natural ingredients...if you are addicted to conditioner, then go organic...Be careful while choosing the conditioner. The best conditioner for dry hair is oil massage and among the most effective hair oils are olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil,coconut oil and mustard oil. Olive oil prevents dryness as well as cures hair loss. It protects hair from harsh sun rays and is also enhanced as a super hair conditioner by the sun's natural heat.


                  • Currently I'm using Pantene shampoo and conditioner..


                    • Right now, im using the new Sunsilk Co-creation. They are superb


                      • i just use shampoo and i don't blow dry my hair if i can help it... thats all i don't use conditioner at all and i barely use straightening or curling irons or anything else except shampoo
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                        • i shampoo everyday as well because my hair is oily too, and i don't use conditioner for the same reason... my hair is also on the thinner side, though not as much as yours seems to be, but conditioner just makes it limper and oilier
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