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Is it immature to dye your hair blue or get facial peircings at 30?

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  • Originally posted by sallyskellington View Post
    I always go back and forth on these issues. I happen to kinda like non conformist looks (I think suicide girls are hot!) My husband see things like this as acting childish, so I was just wondering.

    . It's not the look that is immature, it is the personality and the way you handle your own person! You guys really need to look around the world more often, if you think dying your hair means stuff like that. Sure there are those that do it just for attention, but the most it is is about self expression. Do you think It's any better to follow your peers in suite of wearing what's "trendy?"

    I have news for you people, the problem isn't hair dying or piercings, It's letting your children out of the house as a 15 year old with the cleavage and clothes of porn stars. That's what it is all about these days. I've seen plenty of girls ages 14-16 looking more ****tier than girls at the age of 20 and up at clubs! Worry about the latest clothing trends instead of somebody coloring their hair. I'd rather have my kid(if I had any) express themselves in this way than letting them dress like that for all these pedos to enjoy.

    As for your husband. Do what you want to do. If he truly loves you he would back any look you would want. He can't always have his way, you have your own say of your own body, get me? If he can't accept you for you, find somebody who does. Just remember immaturity is not judged my look, but by personality and your state of mind.
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    • The world needs more colorful characters, more life, more individuality... why after a certain age should you have to conform to a boring soccer mom haircut and wear khakis and polo shirts with deck shoes and a sweater around your neck? I am so annoyed with business casual rules and levels of 'appropriatness'... why can't we be free to express ourselves through fashion and accessories any way we want... at any age.

      So no, I don't think any of that is immature, I think if its what you like, if its what makes you feel good when you look at yourself then its awesome, I don't live my life and how I dress for the lady that scowls at me for a split second in the store... I'd rather dress for me.
      Scars remind us of where we've been...they don't have to dictate where we're going.


      • I personally wouldn't dye my hair a strange color, as I think it's totally a 'teen' thing and someone at 30 doing it seems a little immature, especially if your husband wouldn't like it. Maybe an inconspicuous body piercing would be okay, as long as when you remove it, down the road, the hole wouldn't be obvious. I think a person can look fashionable, gorgeous and in-style without blue hair or body piercings, but that is just my opinion. I always like 'to make a statement', with fashionable clothes and makeup.


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