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what is the average bra size ?

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  • what is the average bra size ?

    what is the average bra size ? thanks

  • Ehh...I do not think anyone would know an exact average. But thanks to the popularity of breast augmentation it is likely safe to say that the average size is larger than what it was a few decades ago.
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    • Apparently most women wear the wrong size too. Depending on the manufacturer you can have several different sizes that fit about the same in the drawer.


      • Oh that last post is so true. I have several Olga 40 Ds which I love and a Laine Bryant brand that's a 40 DD. Both fit just fine but I would have never known without trying them on. You are taking a chance if you just use tags alone.


        • Originally posted by WildChild View Post
          Apparently most women wear the wrong size too. Depending on the manufacturer you can have several different sizes that fit about the same in the drawer.
          SO true. Drives me nuts. I always put off bra shopping because I know I'll have to spend a bunch of time trying stuff on. And sometimes if I get two different brands in two different sizes, the salesperson looks at me strangely and tries to explain that I'm doing it wrong.


          • I think the average bra size is 36B


            • According to the information available, here's how average breast size in America breaks down:

              •AA cup: 2%
              •A cup: 15%
              •B cup: 44%
              •C cup: 28%
              •D cup: 10%
              •DD cup: 1%

              I hope this helps! 72% of women have either a B or a C.

              From a man who hopes ladies will get over whatever they are feeling about their cup size.[/QUOTE]

              Originally posted by allfeya View Post
              I think the average bra size is 36B
              Oh dear this rules me out completely as am a 34E (UK Size) and I have been professionally fitted now for several years.
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              • thanks


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