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ETIQUETTE: Anybody got any questions?

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  • ETIQUETTE: Anybody got any questions?

    Etiquette, it's not just for our grandparents anymore....never was!

    I was just curious if anyone had any questions regarding this subject?

    I certainly don't have all of the answers, but I do find it AMAZING at how little etiquette is expressed today. Towards people in general and especially towards those we love.

    Women settle for too little and men get comfortable too quickly.

    C'mon people we can and should do better. Isn't that what it's all about?

  • 99 views (to date) and not a single question.

    I guess this sums up where we, as a society, have gone.



    • Not so quick at judging, please.

      I tend to see that etiquette could vary in cultures, i.e. East vs West, generally speaking.
      What could be acceptable in the West is not in the East, such as eye contact, hand gestures, palm positions, among others.

      Please give your scope so people could respond better.


      • What question is there to ask? People lack it, society lacks it, some people do not know what the word even means, some do not care because they can still go about their daily lives without putting it into consideration, some know they should but "want to be different and an individual!!!" so they choose not to apply it. The word itself applies to many things.
        There are those who believe that dictionaries should not merely reflect the times but also protect English from the mindless assaults of the trendy.


        • Valid point, Secret.

          "What question is there to ask? People lack it, society lacks it, some people do not know what the word even means."


          • Caterpilar: I'm not so quick to judge. Just 0 - 99 and that speaks for itself.

            No big deal. I just thought it would make for an interesting thread. Apparently, I'm the only one. That's fine.


            • According to Rasmussen Reports where 1000 people were surveyed, 69% of Americans think their fellow countrymen are becoming more rude and less civilized. The Today show on NBC ran a segment called, "What happened to please and thank you?"


              • Let's all remember that patience is a virtue..
                Before you talk about what you want ~ Be happy with what you have


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