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do you like your body ?

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  • What I like a lot:

    1. My legs are my best feature. They are long and shapely, with nice calves and slender ankles.

    What I like OK:

    1. My breasts: They are full (36D.) Sometimes I wish they were smaller because they can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, I see men starring at them all the time and when I'm having sex with a guy they often tell me how much they like them.
    2. My ******: My ****** is kinda full (39 inches) but it's pretty shapely, nice and round. Like my breasts, I find men staring at my ****** and complementing me when I'm naked.

    What I don't like:
    1. My skin: It's oily and has large pores. It's also kinda ruddy. I wish I had nice smooth skin and a glowing complexion; I envy women who do.
    2. My hair: It's difficult to control. It's difficult to style and seems limp and lifeless. Also the natural color is a mousy brown. I try to tackle this by getting a perm and coloring it an auburn color. It looks OK for a while after visiting the salon, but seems to lose it's shape and luster quickly.

    What I hate:

    1. Body hair; I have hair running from my pubic bush up my belly to my navel and hair around my navel. I have hair growing out of my nipples. I also have dark hairs on my forearms. I shave the hair on my stomach and nipples but it grow back pretty quickly.


    • It depends on my mood. I'm aiming to lose 5-7 lbs just to see if I feel better.

      What I do like

      1) Waist/hip definition
      2) Butt
      3) Eyes

      I tend to have fleshy arms, which I'm working on. Even when I was super skinny in highschool, my arms tended to be a bit bigger.
      "Dating is like slow dancing. Let the man lead, or you will fall all over your feet"


      • Everybody is beautiful for who they are,it is what makes us unique. People(dumb of course) say that others are not normal.But in fact EVERYBODY is ABNORMAL. NO ONE can be NORMAL.
        So love yourself


        • I'm always taking good care of my brain. It's my favorite body part.

          About the appearance, there are things I don't like, but in general, I'm happy. When I look at my image in the mirror, I find myself beautiful.

          I'm not thin, but also not overweight. It's a "normal" weight by the BMI thing. However, I'd like to lose some weight. My BMI is 24-something. I'd like it to be 23.

          I'm sportive and I jog and lift weights. I'm also super flexible.

          So, yeah, I love my body. It can always be better, though.


          • I am not happy with my body,I am fat as well as unhealthy. Due to this so many problems are attacking to my body like less blood in body, having pain in stomach, gas problem and having body pain also. I want to need a healthy and problem free body.


            • Body confidence comes from owning and accepting your body shape. For years i always wanted to be more athletic looking and slimer.

              However, ive come to realise it would be very difficult for me to achieve that physic.

              I now embrace a my thicker and full body. I work out regularly and lift heavy weights but i still love eating.

              In my opinion, womens bodies can be really attractive in all different sizes. The main thing is that it's healthy.

              Out of shape guys can and are viewed more negatively. I like to believe that my pecs and arms forgive my belly fat.

              I feel confident with my shirt off and that confidence (rightly or wrongly) is projected.

              As a bigger guy, i find sex more enjoyable with women with a fuller figure because it doesn't hurt me doing doggy. And for whatever reason, I've found curvy women who are able to enjoy more well endowed guys.

              That is just my experience though. And I have had great sex with smaller women but just in a different way.


              • All women are gorgeous naked. But is anyone confident in their vagina?


                • Originally posted by Val_R View Post
                  All women are gorgeous naked. But is anyone confident in their vagina?
                  The vagina is the tube that leads from the vulva to the cervix. It does not show unless the labia are open. Are you saying that women are not confident in the looks of their vulva using vagina as a vernacular (idiomatic) term? I'm sure that some are confident that their vulva is a beautiful part of their body. I would think that many if not most men find the vulvas of their partners fascinating and beautiful.
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                  From a speech by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775 at St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia


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