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Shedding and thinning hair

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  • Shedding and thinning hair


    I've done a search on this site about losing hair and haven't found anything to answer my question.
    I've always had thick hair growing up, but over the last couple years I've noticed that the crown (back top part of my head) has gotten pretty thin. Nothing that looks bald, but like thin hair. I've been growing it out and my boyfriend is always complaining about hair being in his bed. He finds it everywhere. I feel bad because i know it annoys him, but i can't help it. I know a person sheds so much hair in a day, but I was wondering how much is normal. I can have my hair in a pony tail all day and then run my hands through and take sort of "chunks" out. Its not like thick chunks but a good amount of hair. Also- when I shower, there is usually enough hair by the drain to cover the drain. Does anyone else have this issue? Is it because I pull my hair back so often, or is it just that more noticeable because my hair is longer? I have recently started taking a multivitamin to see if that helps.

  • Anyone have any ideas?


    • A couple of things, as I've battled this for a few years. I know why in my case though so it's helped in slowly correcting the issue. I'd never be able to commit a crime because I leave a trail of hair everywhere I go, lol.

      Have you changed your diet significantly or had any weight loss?

      Are you getting enough protein and iron in your diet? That is two of the biggest contributors to thinning hair.

      Have you considered going to the Dr and getting a full CBC? You may want to do this.

      Two other supplements that you can try, they were actually suggested by my surgeon for thinning hair, but try Silica or Biotin supplements.


      • I will definitely give that a try! THanks


        • There are various reasons for losing hair like stress, hormonal imbalance,genetics,poor nutrition,illness and more reasons. so, the tips are :-
          1)Best diet:- Eat a balanced diet and protein-rich food.
          2)Address vitamin deficiency :-take a rich multivitamin like Vitamin B,C,D and E and take other nutrients like calcium, magnesium and iron.
          3)Balance your hormones:- You should balance your hormone by considering gentle endocrine support.
          4)Examine your emotional health:- Check your emotional feelings like if it is due to stress, then try to relief from that.


          • Also if you look around your area for a trichologist, they will tell you if you have one of a variety of skin or scalp disorders which may lead to hair loss.


            • I stopped my hair loss in just 6 weeks. About a year ago I lost 3x3 inch patch of hair in back of my head. And to make matters worse I also would shed my hair and it was not growing in fast enough to replace the loss. My hair was so thin you could see my scalp especially on left side of head.
              Spoke to a lady at a health food store that shared with me about doing a liver cleanse and the product she recommended listed a bunch of other herbs on the site and upon Googleing them I found that Amla or Amla-C and Ashwagandha both stop hair loss.

              Bought the Amla Juice (tastes like a tart, bitter white chalk) and both drank it and put in on my head as it is supposed to tighten up the hair follicles on your head and works wonders in the body. It has 33 times more vitamin C than an orange and is very good for the entire body as it even got rid of my husbands bronchitis that the doctors could not get rid of with antibiotics for 3 months.
              My hair loss started due to my using believe it or not Splenda. I had the doctor check out my blood and see what was causing my hair loss as I am 59 and way past menoupause etc.. She said I had ZERO vitamin D in my body and my body was NOT absoring protein. Mind you I eat chicken and beef 3 times a day and very few veggies and fruits (that has been my whole life) so there was no reason for my body NOT to absorb the protein. In doing a Google search I found that Splenda blocks the Vitamin D and without vitamin d the body can not absorb the protein and duhhh our hair is made of protein so no wonder it was falling out in bunches.

              I prayed and prayed to find a way to stop the hair loss and am amazed that these two products are what finally stopped it. I did take the Hair, Nail and Skin vitamins and that helped my hair to regrow and my doctor gave me a major dose of Vitamin D etc.. but still my hair continued to fall out. It took about 6 months for it to grow back in on that bald spot but it still remained thin due to my hair falling out everyday in my comb, shower and when I ran my hands through it.
              Finally it has stopped. Today I combed my wet hair and ONLY 1 hair fell out after combing it. Praise God for these herbs.

              I bought mine at a local Indian store but they can be found online just do a google search on them.

              Also I purchased the Amla Oil and Amla Shampoo.

              I do NOT sell or gain financially by sharing this info with you or anyone else but know how frightening it can be to lose our hair and hope this will help you and others as Amla C and Ashwagandha which are both sold in capsules stopped my hair loss. Take care and write me if you wish at (removed e-mail address)
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              • I know this is a fairly old thread...but just came across it. If you are on hormonal BC this could be causing a lot of your hair loss. It did for me. I've been off a year, take a super potency Biotin daily and am still growing hair back! I couldn't believe how thin my hair had gotten while on BC. It really crept up on me.

                Another thing, if you are overweight, have really irregular periods, abnormal hair growth on your face, chest, back etc, it could definitely be hormonal. Women with PCOS often experience male pattern hair loss.
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