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fanghi d'alga guam, help!

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  • fanghi d'alga guam, help!

    hi, i was wondering if anyone here has heard of fanghi d'alga guam, and knows where i can find it in the US? i've looked everywhere and can't find it. it's this italian algae mud mask for your legs, it's a little itchy but it really works to get rid of cellulite! i'm really desperate to find it here as i haven't been to italy or the UK for awhile, where i usually get it. amazon.co.uk sells it but won't ship to the us.

    anyone know of this, or where i can find it? it would be a huge help! and btw if anyone here is looking to find a different cellulite remedy and hasn't heard of this stuff, it's amazing!!!

  • Cellulite

    At some point in their lives, most women -- and some men -- are bothered to a degree by cellulite, the lumpy substance that makes skin on the thighs and buttocks look like cottage cheese. Although its name may make it sound like a medical condition, cellulite is nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin. The fat appears bumpy because it pushes against the connective tissue beneath the skin, causing the skin above it to pucker.

    Although the cellulite is not harmful, many women are willing to go to great lengths to get rid of cellulite, creating a big market for cellulite creams and other treatments promising smooth thighs.

    Cellulite Causes
    Even though cellulite is fat, having it doesn't mean you are overweight. Even thin people can have cellulite. If you are overweight, however, losing weight may reduce cellulite.

    The No. 1 factor in the development of cellulite is being a woman. Genes also play an important role. If other women in your family have cellulite, there's a good chance you will too. Other factors that influence the amount of cellulite you have and how visible it is include:
    • Poor diet
    • Fad dieting
    • Slow metabolism
    • Lack of physical activity
    • Hormone changes
    • Dehydration
    • Total body fat
    • The thickness and color of your skin

    Cellulite Treatments
    Although there are many products and treatments that promise to get rid of cellulite on thighs and buttocks, there is little evidence that many of them work well -- or for long. Here's what you should know about some of the different options:

    Cellulite creams. Touted to dissolve fat and smooth the skin, many cellulite creams contain aminophylline, a prescription drug approved for treating asthma. There is no scientific evidence these creams are effective against cellulite, and for some people they can be harmful. Their apparent effect on cellulite may be due to narrowing blood vessels and forcing water from the skin, which could be dangerous for people with circulatory problems. Furthermore, aminophylline can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

    Liposuction. A surgical procedure to remove fat deposits from the body, liposuction is designed to remove deep fat, not cellulite, which is just beneath the skin. The American Academy of Dermatology warns that liposuction may make actually make the appearance of cellulite worse by creating more depressions in the skin.

    Mesotherapy. A European therapy originally developed to relieve pain of inflammatory skin conditions, mesotherapy involves injecting substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes into the tissue just beneath the skin. Although mesotherapy may break down fat and bring a slight improvement in the appearance of cellulite, it is also carries a risk of adverse effects including swelling, infection, and irregular contours.

    Massage and spa treatments. Massage and other spa treatments may have a temporary affect on the dimpling appearance of skin, but they do not remove cellulite. Any effect is short-lived and probably due to the removal of excess fluid.

    What Works for Cellulite and What's Ahead
    Although current therapies do little for reducing cellulite, doctors are looking at new therapies using lasers and light sources to treat cellulite. One procedure involves red and infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) to emit certain wavelengths known to disrupt fat tissue, causing it to shrink. This procedure is combined with rollers and suctions to soften the fibrous bands of connective tissue that cause the dimpled appearance.

    Although such procedures may hold promise for the future, for now, the best option is exercise, and, if needed, weight loss. Experts agree that the most effective exercise routine for cellulite is one that incorporates aerobic exercise and strength training, along with a diet rich in rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

    And although you can't change the thickness of your skin -- a factor in cellulite -- it could help to change the color. Cellulite tends to show up less on darker skin. If you plan to be out in a bathing suit or short shorts, applying a self-tanner may make the bumps and dimples on your thighs less noticeable.


    • I am not 100% certain but google, Bath & Unwind, or else if that isn't the answer perhaps facebook them and enquire with them direct.

      Note:- People may interperate their help by posting things that you feel are not relevant, but they thought was helping....

      Your previous post was deleted



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