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stretch marks!!!!

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  • stretch marks!!!!

    i got stretch marks at the age of 13 from obesity now i have them on my stomach bottom lower back and a little bit on my knees! GRRRR [But in the last 5 month i lost over (25 pounds) now it looks like stabs wounds but ALL wrinkley!
    Everybody knows that stretch marks are Streaks or stripes on the skin caused by distension of the skin from obesity or during pregnancy
    but does anyone "REALLY" know how to get them off? Yes, i know theres lotion to help or maybe even layers to help but what about something that everyone can do and afford???
    we womans want to kick back and relax with a 2-piece bathin suit like this>>>>
    and we dont want people staring at us like this>>
    we want them to be like this>>
    while were like this>>>>

    any answers???

  • Comments?

    Yes, call them "proud marks" and smile if anyone looks at you like this>>>>>..because that is what they are.


    • I make a stretch mark salve. My MIL uses it twice daily and loves it. Has it made them vanish? Nope, not sure that they'll ever be "gone" but she said it has helped a lot. It takes some time to make (about 2-4 weeks), but she loves it and is ordering more. lol

      First, you'll need olive oil.
      Then, you'll need a clean glass jar (I use a half gallon, but if you're making it just for you the smallest mason jar you can find would be perfect)
      You'll also need beeswax, vitamin E oil, and the following dried herbs: Rose, heal all, lavender.

      Since I make half-gallon batches, I use 1 ounce (by weight) of each herb, adjust accordingly to the size of your jar. If using a small jelly jar, probably no more than half-full of herbs. Fill the jar with olive oil, put the lid on, and shake everything around. You want as little air in the jar as possible. Leave the jar on a sunny window and shake occasionally. Let sit for at least two weeks, but I frequently let mine sit for 4 because I tend to forget about them. Using a mesh strainer and cheesecloth, strain the herbs from the oil. You'll want to melt beeswax down before adding the infused oil, usually about 1Tbsp beeswax/8Tbsp oil is good. Also, add the vitamin E oil once the beeswax has melted. Using the ration I just mentioned, 1-2tsp should be plenty. Pour into a container that's easy for you to get into (you can use a small wide mouth mason jar, tupperware, whatever so long as it has a lid. Let cool, and use! You may need to play with the beeswax ratio a bit depending on how hot it is where you are, how hot you keep your home, etc. I usually keep a little bit of the infused oil out of the mix in case it turns out too hard, and you can always add it back in with a bit more beeswax.

      Oh, also, I don't mind my stretch marks at all. I discovered this blend on accident, quite frankly, but my MIL adores it, so I'm not changing it. I'm not a scientist, so it could be that just one or two of the above ingredients would work (I know we have some sciency people on here who might know...).


      • (A) certain man/men find(s) them sexy. You know how a woman may think a man's scar is sexy because it says he's been through some things. A woman's skin may have to make room for what she's endowed with. Said man/men may feel those lines are like a road map that needs to be traced to the destination.
        "Those sowing seed with tears
        Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


        • To be honest, stretch marks don't bother me anymore: they're just there. Still, I second Loric2014's post. Very useful information.


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