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Tattoos: Beautiful or Tacky?

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  • Tattoos: Beautiful or Tacky?

    Hi Ladies

    I recently (last night) got my wrist tattoos redone after 4 long years of having hideous tattoos (poor quality ink, poor tattooist and poor aftercare advice), I already have 5 and instead of adding to my body art I was really unhappy with how horrible my wrist ones looked and now they look perfect .
    But what I want to know if what do you think of them? Are they beautiful or tacky to you? Also pain rating and placement of your tattoos would be nice too, I have my wrists, hip, left breast and back of neck tattooed, all mean something to me all beautiful in their own way to me at least, Hip and wrists I'd rate about a 8 for pain even afterwards my wrists are sunburnt feeling which is how most tattoos feel to most people. Breast and back of neck hardly felt either so I'd place at a 1. So share your experience whether good or bad and touch ups/ cover ups or a tattoo in need of a revamp. I'd like to know your aftercare swear-by as well.

    Obviously since I have a fair few I love my art and since having these redone I am so very pleased and extremely happy to of had them were as before I looked at them with distaste and disappointment.

  • Tacky. Since this is an anonymous forum and you asked I'm telling you how I really feel. Of course I've seen high levels of artistry on some, but I've never seen one that I appreciated nearly as much as bare skin - or even appreciated much at all. I don't think I've ever thought one was beautiful. I guess it's like how some people see graffiti and see street art and others vandalism. I always see vandalism when I see tattoos. I really love the natural human body.

    Coincidentally, I have an extremely quirky, young friend. Last night I noticed from a distance that she has a single Chinese (I think) character on the back of her neck. We speak Mandarin and are working to help Chinese immigrants. For the first time in my life I did not have an entirely negative response when I saw a tattoo. It still seemed silly, but it also seemed like her. I wanted to look and ask her about it when we spoke to one another, but I didn't want to embarrass her.
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    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


    • I don't believe you should worry about what anyone thinks.

      It's your body and what is beautiful to some isn't to others. It's a personal opinion.

      On a side note. For me, it's not so much about the tattoos rather how they are displayed, the dress sense, if the person holds themselves well or dresses "tacky" ..


      • **Stillness: I appreciate your honesty for you they are not your thing and I used to love just having the one tattoo but I saw pieces I liked unique designs none of mine are from the tattoo books all are hand chosen for my own meaning and I started learning mandarin in college though it was an after lesson course I loved it, so the little chinese symbol your friend has means something to her

        **Chandlers wish: I believe that as well, the placement of my tattoos are easily hidden for a formal occasion or shown off . I don't worry what people think I'm just really curious what other people think/advise/like. I dress casual/ rocker it's how I always dress but my tattoo preference is cartoony but not a proper cartoon, its art on me and its all my own unique piece. eventually I'll get a bigger design for now I'm happy with my small tattoos :3


        • I think tatoos are like any other type of art, they can be wonderful, or they can be awful. They make a statement that depends on their design, and as an observer I may like, or hate that statement. Needless to say, you (and anyone else) is completely free to ignore what I (or anyone else) thinks about their tatoos.

          I've seen tatoos that I really liked, and some that just looked stupid, or made statements that I didn't like. (again, people can make whatever statements they want). I would add that while better quality tatoos help, they are ART and the artistry is somewhat separate from how well they are executed.

          I'm old now (50s) and my opinions have changed in many ways over the years. If I had been inclined to get tattoos when I was young they would not represent my feeling now.


          • I think that's fair, my wrist tattoos where awful when I got them done first time and I regret going to the artist who did them not the actual tattoo itself, now however I'm glad I got my two swallows/birds not the band design I was going to get, all mine are simple yet mean something, my wrist ones are for my grandparents and my granddad loved the outdoors and bird houses hence the birds. My neck one is music notes because I adore music, my stars on my cleavage are small yet where my first tattoo and I love the sky and constellations, my hip one is a yin yang with cherry blossoms and I got that for balance in my life my boyfriend is what balance's me the blossoms are for love and nature, I don't like offence tattoos, names or dates I don't see the point.

            I hope when I'm in my 50's I still adore my artwork and You are not old my mum is in her 50s and as they say Nifty and 50 :P haha. Can I ask do you have any tattoos? xx


            • I don't. My thoughts about life change too frequently for me to want to make a permanent statement.


              • You're happy with your tattoos, them I'm happy for you. Congratulations on getting them the way you wanted. Now you can just enjoy your body art, always with you.

                My opinion on tattoos is that I don't like them. I've never seen one that looked better than the non tattooed skin. But that's one opinion in approximately 7 billion. And you know what? If you're happy so, then I'm sure they're perfect on you.


                • I never liked tattoos, but my opinion may be changing. My SO got two when I was out of town one week . . . One on her wrist and one on her ankle. They are meaningful to her and, quite frankly, they look nice. Her daughter has a few . . . they puzzle me (none seem to have any meaning in her life) especially the phrase on her arm. So, I suppose I like the discrete meaningful ones.

                  I saw a woman with a semicolon tattoo. Punctuation? A bit odd. Then I looked it up and there are a few meanings. One is for people who have attempted suicide as a sign of hope -- the sentence of their lives is not finished. Seems appropriate.
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                  • I like tattoos on others, but one is enough for me.
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                    • There's certain people who can have a lot of tattoos and look absolutely stunning with them no matter the setting they find themselves at any given time, and then there's those who literally scare me with their choices of distastefully done ones.

                      However, as an employer I'll have to say I don't mind them - as long as they're not visible (even during summer months when shorter sleeved shirts/blouses are allowed).


                      • What a tattoo represents can be beautiful. A piece of art with significant meaning to the body it resides on. However if done with haste, and bad judgement can be something ugly and horribly tacky.
                        Done with good intention and thought a tattoo can be incredible.
                        I do not have any however, as I am terrified of needles


                        • It depends on person to person that they like to have tattoo or not. It only mean to you, if you like to have tattoo then have it. You have tattoo in many place of your body, which you really like and that also mean to you. There are many person who are having tattoos and they also like to have tattoo.


                          • Totally depends on the tattoo...
                            It's kinda like asking if clothes are beautiful or tacky.. They can totally be both.


                            • Well, I did see a woman who had tattoed all over her chest a clown eating a cake..... more than tacky that was pure bad taste really


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