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Tattoos: Beautiful or Tacky?

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  • I don't have any tattoos nor am I inclined to get any. I have a lot of punk rock friends, many of them musicians. Some have a lot of tattoos. I don't see their tattoos as tacky. I am more inclined to think of tattoos being tacky if they are of a very common type that seems to be there to say "I have one, too." I recently saw a Bayon face (from the Bayon Temple) tattoo on a lady's upper arm and shoulder that was stunning in it's clear lines.
    I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.
    Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

    From a speech by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775 at St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia


    • A tattoo can be classy or tacking depending on the tattoo how big it is and where it is placed .. but it is really just a matter of ones opinion


      • I think tattoos & body piercing is a very personal this game. They can look trashy & depend on where & what they r. I'm planning 1st tattoo on side of my breast, a 3D butterfly & it represents my family to me. I don't want visible tattoo but have waited from teens to get my tattoo, nearly 40 now. I also have 4 lobe piercing, helix & navel, thinking of adding nipple too lol


        • For me, it is beauty. Because i have 3 tattoos. And soon I'm planning on getting this
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          • I noticed an older women, probably in her 60's with a fairly large tattoo covering most of her forearm.

            Would have liked to ask if she ever regretted getting it.


            • Originally posted by CHANDLERS WISH View Post
              I don't believe you should worry about what anyone thinks.

              It's your body and what is beautiful to some isn't to others. It's a personal opinion.

              On a side note. For me, it's not so much about the tattoos rather how they are displayed, the dress sense, if the person holds themselves well or dresses "tacky" ..
              ^^^This is the right answer^^^

              Biblically, God, in Leviticus 19:28, told us not to tattoo our bodies. I'm not preaching. What I am attempting is to orient you to how others might interpret a tattoo. But ultimately, as CHANDLERS explained, it's your body.


              • What other people do to their bodies is none of my business...unless they're in relationships with me.

                Keep in mind that I'm old school. We'll all introduce our lives' experiences when discussing personal issues.

                i've dated women with tattoos, but they were in their groin areas. One was mostly covered with pubic hair. I didn't even know she had it until she pointed it out for me.

                Reality will always control outcome. Visible tattoos will deny entry into some careers. A woman who works at a 5-star resort told me that her resort will not hire anyone wth visible tattoos. Obama forbade US soldiers from displaying tattoos. I believe President Trump has rescinded that order.

                It used to be extremely rare to see cops with visible tattoos. But it's becoming more common with male cops. Of course, their employers will determine what's acceptable.

                Keeping in mind that I'm old school, I've yet to see a woman in a ball gown at a black tie affair with visible tattoos. But then again, I'm usually pretty good at avoiding black tie affairs. Pretentious people and I don't mesh well.

                In the 90's, I asked a woman who had many tattoos which one she liked best. She thought for a few seconds and replied, "None of 'em!"

                My dermatologist has told me that she has a lot of patients who seek tattoo removal. While the process has improved, it will leave blemishes. It's also very expensive, and I don't believe it's covered by health insurance.

                As an aside, my g/f was going to do laser hair removal in her groin area. She wasn't going completely Brazilian. She wanted her bush downsized. Her dermatologist is female. (My dermatologist is female.) She told my girlfriend to be very careful about what she wanted removed. She told my g/f that young women who were then removing all of their public hair would regret it as they grew older. Gravity will affect labia, and pubic hair not only conceals the effects of gravity, it protects them. After a long consultation with her dermatologist, she shined on laser hair removal. She uses scissors and a razor.

                Back to tattoos: I'd prefer a woman who's in a relationship with me to not have tattoos. But love can alter beliefs. Were I in love with a woman, I'd be good with her tattoos. I'd probably wish that she hadn't of gotten them, but I'd still be in love with her.

                As CHANDLERS posted, which is consistent with all that's personal, tattoos are personal decisions. What others think could be moot.

                One last point: we're biological, which means we're organic. Tattoos aren't. Our bodies will change. This might be too honest but should be considered nonetheless: tattoos on older people are not appealing.


                • It's all personal opinion. I think anyone who flat out says "tattoos are tacky" or "tattoos aren't tacky" needs to take a step back and worry about themselves rather than anyone else. I don't think anyone got the right to say "you'd look better with(out) tattoos" yet it unfortunately happens. I've got 6 of my own, and I am aware that some people don't like them...although no matter how much I love my tattoos and how confident I am with them, it does hurt when someone tells you that tattoos are ugly or that your specific tattoos are ugly. It's just another way to put others down and it's so unnecessary. I saw a sign at a tattoo shop once that says "Tattooed people don't care if you're not tattooed" & that speaks enough truth lol.

                  There's also the argument of "well what are you gonna do when you are 70 and have tattoo's?" Well...I'd hope to god that by that time I've got other things to focus my time on! Lol. Nonetheless, my tattoos have really deep meaning to me. My partner died in November and I got a tattoo on my arm for her. I don't care how wrinkly and saggy my arm looks, or how ugly it may appear, that's for my baby and I will always wear it proudly.
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                  • Carly, although I don't understand why people get tattoos, I do understand how it can be unpleasant to be criticized about doing something that means a lot to you. When the people in my life get tattoos I don't comment on them for that very reason. If the OP would have shown a picture of her specific tattoos I would have also been silent in that case. I don't have anything positive to say, so I keep it as positive as possible by saying nothing.

                    On the other hand, part of the draw of the forum for a lot of members is the ability to read the expressions of people with different experiences and views from your own. That's why I answered when OP asked a general question. It's not to make anyone feel bad about themselves.
                    "Those sowing seed with tears
                    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


                    • Originally posted by pastelcarly View Post
                      Nonetheless, my tattoos have really deep meaning to me. My partner died in November and I got a tattoo on my arm for her. I don't care how wrinkly and saggy my arm looks, or how ugly it may appear, that's for my baby and I will always wear it proudly.
                      sorry for your loss, pastelcarly!

                      my comment was that I did wonder if the older person regretted it
                      tattoo removal business is expected to hit $83 million next year
                      pastelcarly, while you won't be removing yours, many people are


                      • speaking of tattoos, this week found a strip of those temporary kid tattoos left over from a kid party
                        so going grocery shopping with our child who put tattoos all over face and arms!

                        (I can't watch kid every second)


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