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Sleeping with/without a bra

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  • Sleeping with/without a bra

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I've been thinking about this recently.

    When I was in my early teens, I was told by my 'step-mum' that she sleeps with a bra on so her breasts don't 'sag' when she gets older. Yet I have been told by my mum, and I think I've read in places that it's bad to wear a bra in bed because it can prevent your breasts from growing.

    I used to sleep with a bra every now and then because I didn't want them to sag, but for the past few months I've been sleeping without one as I want them to grow also, plus sometimes it can be uncomfortable. I think my mum has a 'special sleep bra' or something like that that she can wear in bed.

    I just wanted some opinions or tips. Is it best to sleep with or without a bra? I'm only 18 so I guess my breasts are still growing (not 100% when they stop growing) and I'm not exactly happy with the size at the moment, but I also don't want them to 'sag' when I'm older.

  • I sleep without one. I find it more comfortable to sleep that way and I have read a study years past that women who wear bra on their sleep have a higher risk for breast cancers. So, it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Nope, not wearing a bra when you sleep won't make it sag. I haven't read anything to reaffirm that.


    • Your mom's idea is quite true. There's nothing wrong of wearing bra when sleeping provided it is not tight or no under wire. I wear some camisole-style pajama tops with a built in bra. On the issue of feeling comfortable, it's not a good idea (day or night) to wear bras that are very tight or don't fit properly.
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      • Go bra-less man. You're far more comfortable and I am not aware that your breast will sag. I think it depends on the breast you have. I have a small bust so am pert and haven't slept in a bra in 30+ years. However, a bigger bust is more likely to droop and sag because of the weight. It's about accepting what you have. ;-)


        • Well my wife Donna will only wear a bra at work so at home that thing is off and put away. She likes to let her puppies breath as long she can. Plus myself i enjoy the view as well lol. So the answer would be no she sleeps nude so never a bra.
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          • I have pretty large breasts (36D) and I find if I try to sleep without a bra it's uncomfortable when I lay on my side. My breasts sag and tug my skin. I sleep with a soft non-underwire bra which provides just enough support.


            • Most people sleep without a bra cuz its more comfy. If you have bigger boobs it might be more comfortable with a bra. I have no idea why people would freeze their bra unless they get hot. Sport bras are the best and more comfortable if your gonna sleep in a bra.


              • I usually sleep without one, it's most comfortable. Sometimes though, I sleep with a lace or silk bralette because they're comfy and look good.


                • Braless!! You have those ladies cupped up all day! Let em loose. Let em breathe! Its far more comfy! A loose cami bra could be okay. But nothing constricting. I do not believe that your ladies will start to sag if you don't!!


                  • Sleeping without bra is more comfortable for a women, you will feel free without it and freely sleep without having stress of bra. You can also try sports which are more comfortable at sleeping time.


                    • i am a man with large breast and i have slept in a bra for years for comfort


                      • Your breasts will become saggy if you walk without a bra the whole day, not if you sleep without it. It has nothing pulling it down when you sleep


                        • It's this discomfort that has alarmed many into thinking there are potential health risks attributed to wearing a bra at night. Becker, who was adamant about the importance of fit, says that women "should never sleep in a bra with a wire, it should be a soft-cup bra. Sleeping in a bra with a wire can give you cysts or irritate your breasts."

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                          • You should just go with what's comfortable. Don't focus too much on how you may or may not look, it's all nonsense! Wear what makes you feel best


                            • Sleep without a bra and there are health risks with wearing bra so when ever you can and not in public.. no go.. some women who do not have large breast can go with out one


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