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Guys: Your opinion on unpainted toes

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  • Guys: Your opinion on unpainted toes

    So, I've been experimenting with NOT getting pedicures and manicures. Not only does it save money (pedicures and manicures plus a tip adds up), but I figured letting the toes breathe could be healthy. I've seen other people with unpainted toenails (clipped, filed and moisturized), and they look fine.

    I will admit that I'm starting to FEEL icky without nail polish, so I'm probably going to and get a pedicure/manicure. It's going to affect my budget, but I feel like I need to do it. Painting my own toenails doesn't look right to me. Maybe we're just more judgmental about our own feet than others.

    What do you all think?
    "Dating is like slow dancing. Let the man lead, or you will fall all over your feet"

  • I do my own nails. I never thought it looked any different than the profession ones until I got it done and realized how the professional ones look so much better. I think it really depends on the guy's taste. My husband hates feet so he wouldn't notice those things. But somebody who really likes feet will notice the painted toes. Not sure they would notice professional versus home done ones. Women are usually more picky about those things. Plus it's getting cost so you don't have too many opportunities to show your toes.
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    • Yeah, most guys tell me that they don't care. They notice other things, like your face, body, and personality. I see a lot of harsh comments from girls online about unpainted toes.

      "Dating is like slow dancing. Let the man lead, or you will fall all over your feet"


      • i think toenails should only be painted when it's a hot day so you can wear sandals to show them off. I hardly ever paint mine, because I don't often wear sandals.


        • I have never painted my toenails. Nor my fingernails. And I've never ran out of male attention. I've never gone for a pedicure, nor manicure. I think impeccable personal hygiene is enough not to be icky, nor eecky, or something.


          • I'll be the first male to respond. I love well manicured nails and pedicured feet on women. One of the girly girl features I like on a woman. My SO gets "frenched" gel nails. They look fantastic and feel that way as well. It makes her feel more feminine and confident. Yes, they are expensive to maintain, but far nicer than her own nails.

            Not a deal breaker in dating a woman . . . my ex rarely got her nails done . . . but now that they are a staple of my love life, it is my clear preference. Feet are also wonderful to pay with ......
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            • I have a job that really isn't conducive to having painted nails & toes, so I rarely indulge in that professionally. For toes, they do a much better job in a salon, so in summer I will treat myself to a pedi occasionally. For my hands, I do a much better job at home honestly. I have been trying to do more polishes & attentive care, just because it does make me feel better about myself. I've been blessed with good nails that are strong & grow very well, but the nature of my job keeps my hands looking really ragged, no matter what I do.

              So, in my opinion, if it makes you feel good, but is hard on the budget, consider it a little less often maybe? Some cosmetology schools offer some great services at reduced costs, and often salons will have specials as well. At least in my area they do.


              • Beauty schools are a good idea! I got them done, and they did boost me. Cosmetics in general can be pricey, with upkeep. I'm not complaining, but picking your battles wisely works.
                "Dating is like slow dancing. Let the man lead, or you will fall all over your feet"


                • I don't get pedicures often, but I choose my polish carefully when I do - sometimes I can get two months of unchipped polish out of a single pedicure. Slow growing toenails I could really use one now, since I have a huge, ugly bruise (dropped a metal bar on my big toe knuckle - slow growing toenails ) I have a hard time ripping myself away from the house and making time for it, though.

                  I like manicures but don't get them these days. I love acrylic nails (was not impressed with gel) but hate when it's time to pop/soak them off and take a break - my poor nails underneath suffer so much. Even painting them at home seems to do a lot of damage and yellows my nails a lot. My natural nails are strong and easy to shape properly, so I haven't been bothering :P

                  I don't think I've ever had a man comment positively on my nails, no matter how nicely they were done. I've gotten comments about the sad aftermath of weird-colored polishes though - having blue-, orange-, or yellow-tinted nails for ages is not worth it
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                  • It's actually good not to wear nail polish all the time. Wearing nail polish especially toxic nail polish can damage the nails, making it brittle and weak. But if you really want to apply nail polish on your nails, it is best to choose nail polish that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. There are also nail polish which are infused with Vitamin E to make your nails stronger.


                    • I actually prefer unpainted. As long as they are neat and well maintained, pretty feet will look pretty regardless. Same with ugly feet, lol.


                      • I have heel pain and need arch support for my tired feet. I first wore orthofeet shoes around the house for an hour or two at a time, as suggested. This past weekend I ventured out to work my daughters Girl Scout cookie booths. I was on my feet 2 hours straight and my feet felt great.


                        • I don't like painting my toenails BUT I do cut them regularly and keep them beautified. I file and paint my fingernails all the time, though: I love French manicures and bright pinks, red, turquoise, purples... Nails are my passion throughout the year. I can't understand why someone wouldn't look after their nails. Anyhow, painted toenails look gorgeous on other women, so I don't begrudge that. I definitely feel inspired by other women's fingernails even if I don't paint my toenails. But my fingernails are painted 99% of the time.


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