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Considering having a shorter hairstyle

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  • Considering having a shorter hairstyle

    I'm considering having a shorter hairstyle, as my hair is quite long and has no real style to it. The sort of style I was thinking of is a bob. I considered the pros to it that it would take less time to dry and I wouldn't have to have it tied back all the time. But the cons are that Ivenever had anything like a bob before, so I'm slightly worried it wouldn't suit me. Also, I'm worried that a shorter hairstyle could make my face look fatter, as I've heard shorter hairstyles can. What should I do?

    p.s Currently, my hair is past my shoulder blades in length. Hope that helps

  • Maybe try posting a photo of yourself here, then we'll ba able to really help.
    I love bob haircuts (can't get one myself because if my curls ) but it sure isn't for everyone.


    • Bob's amazing. But just like Milla-gross said, it's hard to tell without seeing your face :/


      • I cut my hair very short (chin length) about 2 wks ago. It was really dry and damaged because of hair dye and I'm very happy with it! It's liberating, good for your hair to do it once in a while imo, and it's hair so it will grow back! If it helps my hair was 2 inch past my shoulders before cutting.


        • Hi
          Sorry, I'm wary of posting photos of me online. By the way, the sort of Bob I mean is the traditional Bob (around chin length and the ends curl under, like what Violet out of Willy Wonka had, incase you don't know what I mean), not an a-line Bob or anything.


          • What is the texture of your hair? Coarse, fine, etc? Is it wavy or curly or straight? Does it tend to frizz at all? What about bangs, do you keep them short or long? Is your hair thick or do you have less hair over all?

            Rather than post a pic, tell us your face shape. Generally, if you're concerned about a style making your face look more round, you are probably right.

            Rather than make a drastic length change all at once, consider a middle ground. Consider adding some layering or long bangs or short bangs...etc. If you have a good stylist, discuss your frustration with them, and they will likely have a solution.

            Would a color change satisfy your need for change? Is it a convenience issue mostly?


            • A few years back, I cut my perpetually shoulderblade-length hair into an A-line bob and loved it. It loved it so much that I cut my hair even further - into a pixie! It was awful, an awful cut from a quality perspective as well as NOT the style for me. I've been growing out my hair ever since and it's just now back down to my shoulders.

              I would absolutely get the bob cut again - you aren't kidding about the dry time! You do have to spend a little time each day "doing something" with it rather than just tying it back but it is a nice incentive. Just don't be like me and go crazy thinking that short is good so shorter is better Below the chin, there isn't a huge time commitment to grow the hair back out ... it's when you start cutting above that that it will take real time and effort to reverse the choice. I suggest you try it out!
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              • atskitty2, my hair is quite thick, and it is quite wavy and has curls too. I have a fringe (or bangs, if that's the same thing), and i usually have it above my eyebrows. My face shape is quite round, which is why I wondered about a shorter hairstyle making my face look rounder. I've never had layers, as I don't want my hair thinning out. I've also never tried a colour change, as I'm worried about dying my hair a different colour then not liking it and having to grow it out or having to wait until I can dye it back again. Yes, it is mostly a convenience issue, longer hair looks pretty, but as I've found, it takes a lot of looking after, and it takes ages to dry for me.


                • If you have waves or curls, cutting your hair that short, may cause them to become more tight, and unruly, so to speak. Ask your stylist about that.

                  I think I would start with something at shoulder length rather than chin length. You can always go shorter, but committing to hair that short is a big step if you've not done it before and aren't sure...


                  • I know cutting curly hair can make more curls, but I have straighteners, would they help? (I actually straighten my fringe every day to make it straight, otherwise it would stick outwards in curls and not sit like a fringe should).


                    • I would talk to your stylist about whether that will help, or what products would.


                      • Did you decide on the shorter cut?


                        • No, still undecided.also, I'm looking for a reasonably priced hairdresser to go to


                          • I see. I wouldn't go to a new stylist & request a drastic change like this, if you decide that's what you're going to do. You really want to know the stylist, know their skills & they need to know you also. Just a thought, maybe visit a time or 2 before you go for the big change, make sure you have a good stylist on your hands.


                            • How curly is your hair? I would be careful with cutting curly hair short... Like atskitty said, it might get very messy.
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