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Fake tan - yay or nay?

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  • Fake tan - yay or nay?

    I've never previously taken the plunge with fake tan as I always thought it was a bit tacky. However a lot of my girlfriends swear by it and I'm starting to feel like I'm the palest of all my friends! I am naturally pale anyway but with everyone else having spray tans or using sunbeds regularly I just feel like I should maybe give it a go?

    I don't want to use sunbeds because of the health risks, but if I could find a nice natural fake tan product that compliments my skin tone then I'd be tempted to try it.

    What do other people think? Is fake tan the way forward? Is everyone doing it?

  • I have never been able to find a spray tan that didn't run or turn orange. I got a spray tan once and wore white panties and when I had took them off that nite they were orange. so I would say nay on the spray.


    • Haha, thanks Cyndie. I must admit it's stories like this that put me off!

      What about the best fake tan products you can just use at home then? A friend of mine recommended something described as a "self-tanning souffle"

      I like the idea of it being all natural and good for my skin (which needs all the help it can get) but I still worry about either looking a funny colour, or it basically being unnoticeable. Anyone used this stuff or anything similar before?
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      • What is your complexion naturally? You say you're pale, in comparison to your friends? are you naturally blonde & fair, or more medium complexion?

        I think some color looks nice, but depending on your own color, a fake tan may not look nice if you allow it to go too dark.

        Whatever you go with, try it on a smaller section that won't be visible, to get an idea of how it will look and also how it will fade over days...or flake off with skin as it sheds...
        I have found, as a light skinned blonde, that a subtle color works much better and looks more natural. I usually get a very light tan in the sun and then supplement it very lightly with a tinted lotion. That's enough for me.


        • Well the line of work my two oldest daughters are in. They do the spray tans all the time. There both dark brunettes but to have it look good. Don't have it done by a cheap tanning salon. So pay a little more and have it done by a good tanner.
          When out driving always turn left. Then, should you become lost, you can find your way home by reversing the procedure and always turning right.


          • Just to update you guys I ended up paying a hefty sum for a spray tan and it looks fab!! I am quite fair skinned but it looks really good and I am loving it...I now understand the saying life is better with a tan.


            • Well that's good then as they say you pay for what you get. When my daughters get there's done it looks so very nature as they hate tan lines lol. But I agree life is way better with a tan a very good saying lol.
              When out driving always turn left. Then, should you become lost, you can find your way home by reversing the procedure and always turning right.


              • I can understand the appeal of a tan, but I steer clear. I am very pale, but like being that way. Anyhow, fake tan looks orange on me!!! If you're into having more colour, then use a very light tan and build up gradually. But don't let anybody force you into it. If you like being pale, you have the right to stay that way!


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